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December 18, 2003


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Anne Toole

I'm doing the same thing right now, trying to develop my personal brand. I'm doing it through a blog, in fact, but I don't know how successful I'm being. I'd love to see more posts from you on this subject.

Wayne Hurlbert

I was struck personally by the relevance and significance of Jennifer's post.

As business bloggers, we are often guilty of not providing enough personality in our posts. I for one, am always striving to provide my readers with information about using a blog in their business.

The personality part gets pushed to the curb as I write about how to's and techniques.

Perhaps Jennifer may have found, like all we business bloggers need to discover, that there may be a mixture of fact and personality in our blogs.

Darren Rowse

great post - I was just thinking yesterday that I wish I knew a little more of the person behind your blog. Not that you need to reveal loads of highly personal details like many personal blogs do - but because otherwise blogs tend to become rather sterile.

I think about the business people that I've learnt most from over the years - the ones that I consider to have taught me the most are the ones that have allowed me to see some of what is going on inside them - the ones who have taken me for a beer for lunch - the ones who have used humor in their approach.

Yes it is a fine line to walk - but one well worth getting a little closer to. I've found that in my own blog people are much more willing to be repeat readers (and I guess that is one measure of success for a blog) if I engage them not only on a head level - but a heart one.

Anyway - looking forward to seeing you explore this.

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