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January 29, 2004


Cameron Moll

Funny how Jennifer's post and the comments from each of you (Tonetheman, Director Mitch) only solidify the argument of this article more concretely...

Director Mitch

I got a Tivo a year ago and don't know (or remember) how I did without it.

I really don't watch much network TV, so the main benefit is having something *I* want to watch instead of having to find something to watch based on some programming director (i.e. "time shifting"). Those times I do end up watching network, the commericals are skipped. Like the above commenter says, it makes watching TV more efficient, turning a 30 minute show into 20 minutes and an hour drama into 45 minutes.


I read recently from here that some people still think that PVRs are just a small blip in the road. The guy who wrote that article is just flat wrong. I have a tivo and I tell everyone I know to get one. Tivo will change the way TV is watched... or at least whatever company comes after Tivo. Most people that I know do use Tivo to fast forward through ads. A 30 min show is about really about 20 min of real content, and I do not have time to wade through tons of commercials just to watch a show.In the end TV and ads on TV (really those who make the ads) will just need to adapt. Maybe that means ads on the bottom of the screen or maybe it means more product placement or maybe even less intelligence insulting ads, but things will have to change. I really do not think this is backlash as much as just people have less time. If I can watch more of the superbowl and have less time watching Brittney Spears be a Pepsi gladiator then Tivo here I come!

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