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April 13, 2004


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Wayne Hurlbert

I don't believe that Nick was prescribing a one or two paragraph blog entry as the ideal. I think that he was using that number as a benchmark, for the typical blog. Often, the information we have to convey requires a longer post.

On Jennifer's blog, for example, her more indepth articles on branding are what make her blog a "must read". Any shorter, and Brand Mantra would lose much of its unique value. We must not forget Rule 2, which says to be an unmatched resource, in a misguided quest for minimalism.

Yvonne DiVita

This is a great Top 10 List. Hmmm...two paragraphs or less. I have a long way to go before I get there. And yet, my training has been to write more with less. How fondly I remember those days in creative writing class when the professor insisted, "Cut it in half. Then, cut it in half again." I use my blog to think out loud, though. All good stuff, but...I suspect I should be more disciplined and save the article style for actual articles. Wonderful stuff here, Jennifer. I especially like your reading material--- here and on your About Me page.

Jennifer Rice

It's a tough one, isn't it? Consultants are in the business of intellectual capital; how can we communicate original ideas in 2 paragraphs? My original drafts (before posting) are much longer than what I end up with... and they're often still too long. Blogging is a great exercise in honing ideas to the point of clarity. I'm still learning.


My goodness gal! How did you read that so quickly? You are a speed-read demon. Nick (the author of that MP article) suggests blog entries should be just a paragraph or two. We both often err longer than that. Thoughts?

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