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April 12, 2004


Ilkka Huotari

Heh. That reminds me of something, Jennifer, especially the "Excellence Through Compromise." line...

Good point. Actually I had one customer who ran away because of my compromises. But it's still hard not to make them, I am struggling, but still believing that I will get the message through :-)

John Dumbrille

Brilliant. I worked in the airline industry, and, well, I really really laughed.
David, I think it IS a great viral ad for Alaska - it takes the piss out of teeny-tiny enthusiasm-based airlines. 'Go to the fringe airlines, and its going to be a gong show.' 'At Alaska, we run a good airline. And this spoof site shows we have a sense of humour too'

David St Lawrence


Thanks for introducing me to a great site.

If this is viral advertising, it is too convoluted to register with me. Maybe they were hoping to win some ADWEEK award.

Tom Asacker

This parody site is meant to contrast the experience on Alaska Airlines with the all-too-typical exasperating experience on other carriers. I've never flown Alaska. Anyone out there have any view on this as viral advertising?

Michele Miller

Jennifer, you made my day. I finally found out that the luggage I lost last week is located in exotic Al Mukalla, Yemen.

You're right... sad, but true re: transparency. The sadness lies in the fact that companies often don't have a clue about how transparent their marketing & operations are in the eyes of the customer.

Great stuff - thanks for sharing!

Paul from BrandAutopsy

What a great find! The great news is that they offer flights out of smaller, lesser-known airports. I booked a flight between two cities that would normally be a 2-hour car ride and they had me flying with 4 connections and taking about 3 days to get there. Good stuff! Thanks.

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