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May 05, 2004


Rick Carufel

I am suffering from advertising overload with the Gico commercials. They have bought so much airtime that it would seem that 1 in 3 tv commercials I see is a Gico commercial. This has made me feel that I would never ever get insurance from that company simply because of the constant aggrivation they have input into to my everyday life.



Youknow Antone, I wouldn't put it past them.

Antone Roundy

61% feel that marketers and advertisers don't treat consumers with respect

Nowhere is this more true than beer ads, most of which imply that beer drinkers are dumber than their dogs, are 100% hormone driven, etc. Perhaps when they did their focus groups for the ads, the schedule was something like this:

10:00: Check in
10:15: Sample 12 new beer flavors (limit: 2 cans of each per person)

11:00: Watch advertisements
11:15: Discuss advertisements

By 11:00, all ads were hilarious and effective.

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