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May 05, 2004



I'd prefer to post as "myself", but unfortunately my current company gets pretty weird about people posting things online and being in some way associated with that company. Someday when I move on, I can remove the pseudo and be more transparent, indeed. In the meantime, my desire to be part of the ongoing dialogue in This World of Business must be checked by Company Secrecy. Boo.

My blog seems to be doing ok despite the restrictions, so that's a plus. The down side is, people don't "know" me so I think that is having an adverse affect in the feedback & dialogue department.

Chris O'Donnell

A lot of people have asked me if I worry about ODonnellWeb costing me a job, or some other opportunity. The answer is always no! Really, I'd be happy if my web site screened out somebody that would have an issue with me because of personal opinions, or tase in humor, or whatever. Heck, there is over 1000 pages on my web site, I'm sure just about everybody can be offended if they look hard enough :)

My current boss saw it as a plus. He said he knew he was geting somebody that was capable of having an original thought and writing in complete sentences.

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