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July 08, 2004


Craig Chester

I did not format the link right in my name at the end of the comment. Sorry. It is correct in this one.

Craig Chester

I am surprised Starbucks did not make the list. After all, they basically brought the idea of selling an expirience, rather than a product, into the chain food service industry. Other chains are using their model of success to sell other "food expiriences" rather than simply product, like ColdStone Creamery, which trains their employees to sing whenever they are tipped.

And besides, at Starbucks, who can resist the charm of the average Starbucks location? Baristas with pierced pre-frontal cortexes, walking designer racks talking into cellphones like they were trying to be heard over a chain saw, struggling film students working on "scripts in process" that still have less words in in than their latte order...........


Yeah, CVS has been a much stronger chain, in my opinion. The photo processing is better, the prices lower, and the employees friendlier/more competent (sorry Walgreen's).

Since Wag's was listed in Good to Great or talked up by Tom Peters (I forget where I saw the write-up), I figure FC went after Walgreen's instead. I also wonder if CVS is not fully national, compared to Wag's. Not sure though. But that could also have been the deciding factor.

Rich Westerfield

I didn't read the background on how FC narrowed down to 15, but Walgreens? I don't get it. Did the survey, had experience with six companies, five of whom got 8-10s across the board. I gave Walgreens no higher than a 6 on any criteria.

Am I missing something? Is it just the Pittsburgh Walgreens that are below par?

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