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July 20, 2004


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» Branding Smackdown: Godin vs. Ries. Loser: McDonald's. from TSMI's Trade Show Marketing Report
You, fellow event marketer, have life easy. You only need to worry about one brand message. Sure, you may require tactics that converse to differing verticals to deliver that message, but it's essentially the same message: Your event = X. [Read More]



"There are no quick fixes in life... not in health, and not in business."

You just ruined my day Jennifer. Way to pop my bubble.

(joking of course)

David Polinchock

There are a lot of discussions about the Brand Journalism idea and frankly, I don't think it's a necessarily a good one. After all, don’t really good and successful companies have very strong stories, a narrative that’s clear, concise and direct? Starting to tell different stories to different audiences is only bound to confuse whoever the core audience is. It will be interesting to see where this idea goes in the future!


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