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February 03, 2005



Hi Jennifer,

It is my belief and it will be part of my mission to bring attention to the fact that the real consumers are internal, that the real identity of a brand starts with senior management marketing to her employees. And, it is my belief that it is an emotional education and emotional foundation that we need to lay down, an emotional identity that companies need to adopt, the blogsphere is the tactic to extend our senses [touch, sight], but it is the emotional education that will make the difference.

So, let's be generic, I worked at Coca-Cola for a few years and the problem right now is that they aren't getting their consumers to connect their actions to their feelings [just like the rest of the world]. ...why don't they teach the world to FEEL? Well, it would have to start at the top. The Chairman would have to realize that conversations don't destroy the "family" and that "everyone isn't replaceable" and "entitlement doesn't sell soda or build loyalty" and "ideas come from an environent of trust" and "personal space is as much an internal discussion as it is a consumer product reality." See Coca-Cola would have to find it's identity internally before it could communicate it outwardly, and that doesn't mean its mission statement ... as Seth Godin puts it, a mission statement is for allocating resources, not communicating your identity.

I believe that senior management has the responsibility to change marketing and the future of business, but I believe it can only be done by changing their own identities and the identities of the companies. Think of it like consumers...consumers change by changing their identities, their ontological selves because their "I am" statements drive their behaviors and their behaviors drive their purchases.

Change the identities of the company, market to your internal consumers and the extermal consumers will understand your product and see the emotional transition you are trying to create for them, the emotional future you are providing.

The blogosphere is a tactic to make this all happen.

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