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February 14, 2005


Graham Glass

And of course blogs themselves are another great tool for self-expression!

Rodrigo Soares

Those topics about co-creation and self-expression are ones of the best posts I´ve ever read in business oriented blogs. I have followed the comments and thought a lot about how to put it in practice with my clients. Congratulations to Jennifer and all the commenters.

Bruce DeBoer

I agree with that, plus:

Give our customers a method of interacting with our product; Personalize it. Marketing is a contract with our customers, a give an take. The problem with most marketing campaigns are that they are mostly take. Our customers are getting ragged. These days we need to give more.

Give them part ownership and you have built in loyalty.

Chris Lawer

I like the idea of self-expression and meaning - that simplifies powerfully a lot of things.

You could even say that the I in Innovation is where it is at. Though a key challenge remains - how do firms collaborate with empowered and active customers to enable the creation of unique, personalised and Individualised value.

You could say that in western economies at least, we are emerging from the era of "E" to the age of "I". But where next? "We-Pod" anyone?!

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