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March 07, 2006


David A. Morneau

Thank you for your thoughts and an oportunity to respond.

I'm an Arborist, well sort of. More of a glorified gardener. I started trimming trees when I was first out of school and couldn't sell landscape designs.

At 56 years old I'm launching an attempt to write my thoughts to contemporary arborists who think more about what new gadget will enable them to climb more effeciently or what approach to plant health care to apply to remody a problem or irradicate an infestation rather than what to prune, or not, to achieve a desired aesthetic enhansment. Having little more than a high school education and learning disability it's looking like a dawnting task. I hope I can find more thoughts like these being expressed as I explore the topic of aesthetics.

Comments would be encouraged and welcome.

Again, thanks.....Dave

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