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May 16, 2013



Great post Jennifer. Your assessment is spot on. Most people understand the world by chopping it into bits and categorizing those bits. But it’s an illusion.

For example, there is no discrete thing called “tree.” “Tree” is simply a word we’ve created to refer to a particular pattern of ground, atmosphere, energy consuming and producing cells moving in shapes we call “branches,” etc.

The same is true in business. An organization is not a bunch of disconnected departments and activities, like marketing, finance, HR, operations, IT, et al. Rather, it’s an arrangement, or pattern, in which every so-called part is a function of the whole.

I’ve come to find that this “whole” is only seen and appreciated by a very few exceptional leaders, and that this one distinction, this dominant viewpoint, makes all the difference to their ongoing success.

Rob Paterson

Missed you Jennifer - good to reconnect after so long. Like the idea of coherence a lot - makes a lot of sense - as I learn more about our bacterial partners in our own body - illness can be seen as a conflict in the biome - incoherence!

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