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The by far most efficient and the only natural source of vitamin D is UVB rays (297 nm wavelength is the peak for vitamin D creation).

We can get UVB rays from the sun (but only when it is higher than 50 degrees above the horizon and when there are no clouds) and from the lamps in a tanning bed.

30 minutes of sunshine, when the conditions are right, gives between 10,000-15,000 IU (depending on your skin-type).

10 minutes in a tanning bed with low-pressure lamps and a UVB percentage of 6-8% (according to the definition in North-America) gives you the same amount (shorter time because you expose more skin).

Taking into account that we do not want the aging UVA -rays (that always comes with the UVB and that makes your skin darker), tanning beds seems to be a better alternative than sunlight. It is definitely more controllable.

It is therefore no surprise that athletes are using tanning beds as an essential part of their training.

Manchester United and Liverpool FC, are, for example two soccer teams in the UK that regularly put their players in tanning beds for better performance.

They use special UV-lamps that are high in UVB and low in UVA.

Here is and article about just that ...


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