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December 17, 2003


Paul Williams

Thanks for pointing out the article about communities. I agree it was a good read.

It was the romance of Italy and the interaction between people in cafes that drove the inspiration and vision of Howard Schultz to expand the small retail business of Starbucks Coffee in Seattle.

While a positive article, I have a couple of comments... questions...

It refers to the addition of the wireless network within Starbucks locations as a promotion. I could see that if it were a temporary spot where a vendor was demonstrating how easy Wi-Fi is to use… But it’s a service that Starbucks has added to cater to that ‘road warrior’ customer. I see it as an extension of services.

Do folks really liken the content of the wireless network at Starbucks to a prize in a Happy Meal? I see it as a smart added-value to make using the service an experience unto itself.

Maybe I’m too close to it?

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