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January 04, 2004


Yvonne DiVita

The singularity -- what an apt description for blogging possibility. Yet, long before I knew of blogs, I wrote a short article (not online--maybe I'll post it on my blog) hinting at this idea. You've fleshed it out nicely...with more insight than I ... but, it still bears contemplation.

Each of us, bloggers and non-bloggers, are so affected by this vast universe called the Internet, that it influences far more than we know, and more than many of us can imagine. What great things lie ahead...ideas, innovative inventions, new technology...being born today, in the minds of kindergartners?

I believe you have struck a Nathaniel Hawthorne said about energy (speaking, of the electric light): "Is it a fact-or have I dreamt it-that, by means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless point of time?" What would he say of this...the Internet, blogging, and the social constructs of networking via bits and bytes??


Hi from Germany!
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Hi Jennifer,
Followed link from INTJ list. I am of an age that have grown-up kids and grand-kids. Realized at one point (30+ years ago) that my children were born into a vastly different world than I. Then saw them confront this themselves, with their children.
Have confidence that whether we "give our permission" or not, the changes will be assimilated by future generations.
Think of the already vast disparity `twixt Third World and selves; that is what worries me.
Nature balances itself, and protects from excesses of any kind, in time. Civilization as we know it is in for some unknown adjustment. Think of population control, Nature's Way. Plagues, indeed!
Warm regards, Carlos


A really great post! I'm glad you took this detour.

Machines will never be smart in the intuitive sense. AI is a dead end except for minor, piddly stuff like expert systems.

Your comments, on the other hand, are right on the mark. You wrote: The same principle applies to the blogsphere: bloggers who think together, link together. And so the connections form, faster and faster. More pathways for an idea to spread, evolve, mature.

It is the improving communication of ideas that is creating a continual paradigm shift. When beings can communicate with each other almost instantaneously, there is no stopping point for the changes that can occur.

We have launched ourselves into a maelstrom of new ideas. Labelling it will be of little value. Staying in communication with each other will produce amazing results.

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