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January 08, 2004



Great post. I like your idea of coming up with solutions.

I'll be looking for your next post on this subject.


The one that particularly jumps out at me is: "middle-class taxpayers in high-immigration states who subsidize the average immigrant by $1,500 to $4,000 each".

And more generally, the subsidization of immigration. The government has to stop punishing Americans for immigration via such obese taxation (the funds of which are directed at socialized public spending) that encourages further illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants learn how to take advantage of the system obviously, and they get the benefit of opportunity here. If their immigration wasn't subsidized so well by the public sector, I think the impact of immigration would be greatly lessoned. In a mixed economy or worse, the impact is negative, and it'll ultimately break the welfare state; in a more capitalist system, the market will make use of all labor and jobs will be created to take advantage of said labor.

During the last great wave of immigration to the U.S. we were far more Capitalistic, so our system made great use of the influx of labor while not draining the existing legal citizenship. Now that we're far closer to a light Euro/British-style Socialism, it'll probably be a net loss. The solution is to reverse the Socialism.

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