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February 24, 2004


David Young

I'm not sure if this is the company you were trying to remember...I blogged this story from Fast Company a few days ago. They found the story here...

It says the company moved from Texas to Louisville in 1998.

I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.
I've put a link to your blog on mine.

Rob Paterson

I agree with John on the chalk talk aspect in meetings. I find power point very helpful for me as an internal mechanism to talk to myself and to get ideas down pictorally (is there such a word?) but I have found that PRESENTING with it shuts down the audience. I think that PP is in reality a barrier between the presnter and the audience in that it sets up that relationship of "push". I have found that only a conversation can be heard well. Talking with people in the room and expanding the ideas on the board is a conversation where ideas are co ceated.

So when I draw in front of some one, they can see how my thoughts expand about an idea. Conversely, it is my experience that if the drawing is presented complete, the listener cannot participate in its growth.

Increasingy I go into many meetings not knowing how it will turn out - I have an objective but not in any detail. I find that this way "we" find some truly common ground and I have not "sold" some one something. It enables me to listen and respond rather than push again. We all know when we are being sold to and it doesn't feel good.

I would love to send out more letters BUT my hand writing is amongst the worst that I have encountered. Not even I can read it. Even so, it is such a personal thing and so rare today. Especially poignant is a letter from the grave - I treasure the few letters that I have kept from my father. There is a power in knowing that the words were writen by his hand - all that I have left that was truly his.

A letter of thanks need only be a few lines - but how often we we get them? Because they take effort, they have more power than any electronic form which are cheap to send energetically.

Finally is there anything more wonderful than to receive a love letter? Some how a 'love email' doesn't do it. Love letters can be savored and kept. Brought out on bad days - even passed on to your children- see Mum and Dad were not so stuffy as you thought.

john dumbrille

Interesting blog. It seems many people are moving back from electronic communications "tools" that in practice usually serve as barriers. For instance, 'chalk talk' has replaced powerpoint in many organizations. The idea there being... stand in front of a chalk board and really communicate. Beats showing a bunch or awful slides with graphic motifs and bullets.
Email and powerpoint are easy targets, as they have become conveyance systems for spam, intended and otherwise.
I think that the lessons of radical marketing show that nothing replaces immersion in the market category/ customer domain and a hands-on approach. I think that most new tools have their use , but all new confections,like peanut butter and Parkay, tend to lose their charm after indescriminate use.

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