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March 23, 2004


Wayne Hurlbert

Blogs are already becoming an established part of many companies' corporate communications efforts internally, and a large chunk of their public relations and marketing efforts externally. As more companies add business blogs, to their corporate repetoire, we will begin to see the mortality rate of the blogging effort. If business blogging is like most ideas, drafted into service by corporations, some organizations will use them to their fullest potential. Other businesses will receive moderate benefit. Some companies will not get much if any value from a business blog due to their internal corporate culture and politics.

Justin Hitt

I see myself blogging years from now because it's part of my publishing efforts and fully integrated into my website. The problem is, I have so many draft entries that I feel a little behind.

New content is developed around larger publications (i.e. upcoming books) and client requests. My blogging software (Radio) has an odd way of doing drafts that links them to the day of creation, not publication. It looks like my posts are irregular when I'm actually posting 2 items a day.

Eventually blogging will be just a larger part of a companies whole communications process. Fresh content will be added, and RSS will contain mention of all types of content for the category. This leaves to question how customers will precieve irregular content and the type of relationship it creates.

For example, would hit-and-miss reporting be seen by customers as a hit-an-miss type of company, or that they are problably busy attending to clients instead. Would be interested to hear how this single channel interaction (i.e. communicating through a blog) could influence brand perception?


Justin Hitt
Strategic Relations Consultant
Turning Relationships Into Profits

David St Lawrence

Thanks for the mention!

I think that general purpose bloggers like myself are more concerned about longevity than business bloggers such as yourself. The world of commerce generates new material hourly, if not daily.

The only endpoint I see is that you might burn out, unlike the personal issues blogger who may run out of new topics.

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