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March 19, 2004


Marc Orchant

Jennifer - I've had a bit of conversation with Ben and Jackie (well, mostly Ben) about this. Blogging is perhaps the most authentic, transparent, and interactive medium yet for engaging customers and especially customer evangelists. Shortly after the first Customer Evangelists University event last fall in Chicago (which I was delighted to have attended), Ben and Jackie launched a discussion forum. It did not sustain itself, even though it was intended to provide a discussion space for evangelically oriented folks (who, as you know, are not shy!).

Their blog, OTOH, has proven to be a great dynamic for stimulating conversation and creating Creating Customer Evangelists evangelists (how's that for some nice parallelism?). This blog tour they're on allows them to extend their reach and offer both Bite-Sized Chunks of their wisdom and Napsterize Their Knowledge to a wider audience.

These two definitely practice what they preach!

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