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March 22, 2004


Dave Young

I've taught classes on blogging. I've tried to explain it to small retailers. These are people who are not yet on the internet because they think it takes at least $10k to get any kind of site built that is more sophisticated than a DIY site built by your nephew.
The best I could do is a one-hour audio book called "Why We Blog (and you should too!)".
It was finally released yesterday and I just had to tell somebody!

But, my point is this...a business blog is a business web site that doesn't gather dust.

noah parsons

Thanks for the comments and feedback on the Bplans Blog! As you can tell, we're not quite ready for prime time and are just starting to experiment with the blog medium. It will be interesting to see how it plays out as a useful resource both for our employees and potentially our customers. Thanks again for checking out our new blog.

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