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March 19, 2004


George Nemeth

A friend of mine calls it your "google number" -

Marc Orchant

These are both good techniques for building buzz for your blog. Another technique is posting comments on discussion boards frequented by your audience (and always including your blog's address in your signature line). Anything you can do to contribute to precipitate a conversation among people with similar interests is going to help build awareness of you and your blog.

Peter Caputa

I just realized you were saying the same thing here:

good stuff!

Peter Caputa

I agree with all of this. I'd like to add that you don't need to be as popular as Scoble to generate buzz, though. For lesser known bloggers and blogs, it is more important to engage in conversations by linking to people and leaving comments on others blogs. Getting discovered is the trick. Going out to other blogs and commenting is the equivalent to saying hi to strangers in a coffee shop when you move to a new town.

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