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April 26, 2004


Peter Davis

The result of a story audit is arrive at a controlling idea or high concept, the well from which all ideas and actions spring. Converting this high concept to a compelling story puts executive, managers, employees, customers and investors on hte same page, moving in the same direction, applying the same strategy, reinforcing the same values while speaking the cusotmers language.

The Knowledge Corporation is fun to work with.


Anybody heard of The Knowledge Corp? They do "Story Audits" for corporations. A symbolic means of exploring an organization's self and heros. Worth a Their site is kinda clunky...BUT they have put their proprietary story audit out there as a PDF for everyone to read.

re:invention's BLOG has been hit by a BLOGGER virus (or so they tell me) and our template is gone. So we are in the process of redesign and can't post good stuff. In the meantime...we're sharing this idea here with you.

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