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April 01, 2004


mark gorman

Great blog. Although I am also from an Advertising background, in Scotland I thought Himmel's list was dull and obvious. Yours is much more true to what brands need to be be brands ie consumers.

Dave Young

Jennifer, congrats on getting this post picked up by Fast Company Now. Good stuff.

Michele Miller


Great thoughts -- you lay such a good, solid foundation for thinking, which is something I don't always believe a business focuses on. There is such a hair-trigger response to the latest, greatest fad in branding that clear, concise points such as yours are often overlooked.

Love your blog!

Michele Miller

David St Lawrence


You were doing fine until you went and wrote #7.
You just had to do it, didn't you?

That one is a deal-killer, for sure. I can just see the client saying, "Well, we're going to have to think about that one..." and smoothly shifting gears to discuss something less politically charged.

However, as usual, you are dead on. Without that, the rest is just an exercise.

John Moore

Jen, good stuff. I read the original list of 12 and came to the same conclusion,way too image-obsessed. I'd add to it the idea of having a cause, something powerful for stakeholders to believe in...

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