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April 07, 2004


Phuleswari Narzary

My questing is as follows:
1. Does the business means servant of customer? If so how?
2. Can you compare that the service of any firm or company is equal like business? If it is equal how? Please respond me promptly.
3. Does any business is independent on their own way? How?
4. Does it means that any service of firm/companies or Government is servant under some body else?



This is a nice way of saying that business is a simple.However I would like to add something to this,"business is a game and you need players to and a caption, wining and loosing is part of this game


Hi Jennifer

I'd say function and purpose as related in this kind of discussion are often viewed as interchangeable. Attract, serve, retain are 3 spokes on a wheel that needs a hub.

I agree with Mark, the best companies are feeling engines. They convert ambitions and need into positive action/result, action/result... for all involved. That forward shared identity is your hub. "Where do you want to go today?" was a very powerful statement for that reason in my opinion. Ditto "Just do it", etc.

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