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May 25, 2004


Ari Paparo

Jennifer, I think you make a really good point. I saw the speech at Ad:tech, and I think it's worth mentioning that the *rest* of Peter's speech made no sense whatsoever, and was so filled with marketing buzzwords that it reached the point of absurdity. After that performance I would look at any of his advice with quite a bit of skepticism.

David Paull

First, let me say I discovered your blog about a month ago and have really enjoyed reading it. Your posts are interesting and insightful.

Second, you make a very good point here. My background is more sales than marketing and I can tell you that people buy (and re-buy) from those they feel care about them (personally or care about their business). Especially when making business purchasing decisions, people's butts are often on the line. Yes, the features/benefits must be there, but beyond that, one must FEEL that the supplier understands them, will be there for them, cares about them and/or their business. In marketing (and ultimately in sales), understanding the customer and what makes them tick is the most vital piece of information in determining how to get them to buy, and that's what it's all about.

hugh macleod

You're trying to make the "Remember your customer is also a human being" argument. Fair enough.

Still, humanity scares people. A lot of folks would prefer to remove all humanity from the equation altogether. So they gravitate to worlds where "business" and "merit" are taken "seriosuly".

It makes great camoflauge. Until somebody smarter flushes you out and tosses your middle-aged, middleman butt out of the equation.

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