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June 29, 2004


Susan Martin

A Glorious Future Indeed! Ran across this post today while doing research on a blog post of the same name for Thanks for posting this!


Great article! Just the one I was looking for the introduction in my bachelor thesis. I was wondering if you could help me to find a copy of A furniture dealers testament. I have a hard time getting a hold of this one. A copy in Swedish would work too. Thank you.

Keshavlal Mangubhai & Co(woodking24-India)

Ikea are Great and Exellent.....!!!!!!

This are AN BS EN ISO 9001:2000(UK) Company For Design,Manf.,& Export of Antique Reproduction,Traditional,Handcrafted & Modern Furniture,Handicrafts in Worldwide.

Jane Wilcox

Could you please dispher the international symbols on the bottom of the black, plastic, covered Ikea soup cups.There are five symbols, that I assume refer to microwavable, dishwasher safe, etc, but I don't understand what they say is okay and what is not.

Thank you for any info,


I am really really interested in "The Testament of a Furniture Dealer" of Kampard, but i can not the whole testament.

SO anyone can help me the full testatment with many thanks...

Kurt Binh

Steve Portigal

I didn't experience this directly, but read it in the local paper and thought it was a neat little example...

Managers locked down the Ikea store in East Palo Alto for 45 minutes Monday as police tried to find a man suspected of holding up a nearby bank.

While East Palo Alto police and San Mateo County sheriff's deputies searched Ikea's multilevel parking lot and the surrounding neighborhood for the suspect, the store treated approximately 150 customers to coffee and cookies.



Some other great examples of head honchos setting the tone for the entire company are Steve Jobs at Apple and Brin/Page at Google. Steve Jobs loves things that are elegant and sparse, and Apple's products reflect this deeply. As Ayn Rand might say, he is the "fountainhead" of Apple.

Yvonne DiVita

Great post, Jennifer. And a reoccuring theme in today's marketplace. I wonder where the concept of good customer service got lost...but it did, and bringing it back is not only vital to making sales, it's critical to building loyalty, which is the only way to be successful in business. It's interesting that you note the name of the person at CompUSA who keeps you loyal to them... Vanessa...a this because girls try harder? Or, because girls can intuitively sense what you need? Perhaps. I prefer to think that customer service is gender neutral-- in order to be really good at it, all one has to do is care. That gets inspired by the CEO and other corporate executives--if they care about their employees, the employees will care about the customer. Great to have you back, by the way. Missed your presence in the blog-o-sphere.

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