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June 08, 2004


hugh macleod

Just as well.... "Brand" as a term is kinda tired. People are sick of hearing it, sick of saying it etc.

So now we're all scrambling around to find the new magic word. No, it isn't "love marks". Heh.

What companies find interesting is not what they make; not their brands. What is the hot thang is the "purpose-belief"... the glue that keep the Fellowship "fellow'd and ship'd", as it were.

i.e. honing in on the collective sense of purpose.... through common purpose comes common identity.

That being said, "Fellowship" applies far more easily to a company like Apple or Dell than say, Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee.

My advice would be, if you're trying to sell them "purpose", to stear clear of clients who have little sense of purpose themselves.

A marketeer cannot give a company a sense of purpose- she can only better reveal what is already there.


Mmm. The 'Ah ha!' moment. That's what I live for. That stuff is addictive.

Can't wait to see what you've got coming.


I think the biggest stumbling block to creativity is not time per se, but finding the right "stimuli and inputs' that generate creative thought.


I harken back to an old job where me and a co-worker were creative as all get-out, while we were working. We talked out our zany ideas while doing the boring mundane stuff. Who says boring job duties have to be...boring? The paradox of that job was, as much as it killed me to work there, I must say that I had fun in the meantime.

Scott Miller

Creativity is the talent to make non-obvious connections within your mind. Knowledge is therefore the required food of creativity. This is why I spend no less than 2-3 hours a day reading and learning. And I often read outside my normal areas of interest, to purposely expand my creative scope. Unquestionably, distractions harm creativity, but creativity doesn't necessarily take a lot of time if you have a lot of knowledge to draw creative links from.

BTW, Jennifer, I agree that branding is an over-saturated and too often misunderstood category. Can't wait to see how you position your company to overcome this problem.

Jackie Huba

I think this is a good change.

Just to give you more amunition for the decision, I ran into the marketing acquisitions editor for our publisher on Friday. I asked him what kind of marketing books was he looking to aquire for the next publishing season. He said he was looking for almost any marketing topic, except branding.

Can't wait to see the new you!

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