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January 28, 2005



I wonder... do the consumers helping with the product development not deserve to be paid? They help develop the product, then when it's produced, pay to receive it (if they want it). Am I too much of an idealist?

peter caputa

I'd consider the google API more than just enlisting customers to do product development. The API enables other people to build software products, and in so doing, create new types of companies that use the google advertising platform. It is like the cable company letting the programming company have access to their consumers. Google's API will do to online advertising what Amazon's API did for online commerce. It will enable a whole group of people to build new businesses. This is nothing short of revolutionary for the advertising industry. Google is giving anyone access their inventory. People will be bundling this into their products and services. It would be like the NYT deciding to let anyone resell their print ad inventory.

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