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January 25, 2005



On the Scoble tip jar, use that to buy him a Mac Mini.


Hey Jennifer, I am new to your blog. Came across it via the Tom Peters blog. Nice to see a UT grad in the blogosphere.

Besides project management, a very useful function of the internal corporate blog is as a corp communication tool. Instead of blanket emails, the internal blog can be used for mass messages. Along with eliminating email traffic, a "comment on" blog can allow people to actually discuss/clarify a corp wide message. This can be useful for the employees and can help management gauge the reception of the message.

Additionally, a smart company will use a blog to save money normally spent on internal mass communication conference calls. Using a good audio recording system and a "podcast" approach, the smart company will enable employees to access the corp blog to listen to the recorded message. Again, with a "comment on" blog, employees can weigh in with opinions/questions and the conf call speaker can respond accordingly. This should improve the quality and depth of questions/answers that can be superficial in a "live" call.

These are just two example of other uses for internal blogs. At some point, I may list the many other uses. Anyway, I am pushing a internal blog at my company and it's been a long journey so far.



Jennifer, this is really useful information, thanks.

The basic guidelines you discuss seem critical to the successful corporate adoption of blogs. Hopefully these will develop and become more codified over the coming months and years.

In addition to what you listed, it seems very important that corporations make the effort to ensure that the content on their blogs is written in an authentic, personal voice, rather than a stifled corporate voice.

The company at which I work, EchoDitto ( wrote the Best Practices for Successful Blogging ( The Best Practices stresses the importance of an authentic, personal voice in creating a successful blog.

Corporations should thwart impulses to provide blog posts in the corporate “press release” voice, and should actively cultivate personal dialogue on their blogs. If corporate blogs are aware of the Best Practices and adopt an authentic, personal voice, then they will meet far greater successful


I've been blogging since last August, but blogging has been on my radar screen since at least '01. My posts are meant to provoke thought. The question I get asked however, is how can blogging help my business? Or how should I blog? So, I guess we all must be ambassadors to this great sport. I decided to build a file to reference when I am asked these questions. And...

I started with this post of yours Jennifer. Thanks for your inspiration!

Michele Miller

Wow, Jennifer - you take copious notes! Thanks for sharing all of this -- just wish I could have been there in person. Sounds like a very dynamic conference!

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