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January 04, 2005


Tim Geoghegan

I'm all for being the change, I just wish marketers saw me as more than a wallet or a sucker to be had. Show me value and the right offer at the right time and I'm yours.

Great message, I'll try my best to apply it.



Thank you for this thought-provoking, articulate post. The trend toward emotional distance in American society is indeed disturbing. We seem to be losing our social skills as we sink into a "fantasy society" defined by television and the internet. I'm not lamenting either of these media, per se, but what we do with them. I understand, for example, that about a third of the hits on the net are at pornography sites. I asked an Employee Assistance Program worker what he thought of that (he gets to deal with people identified as abusing worktime access to these sites), and I believe his answer is emblematic: "They are searching for intimacy," he told me, "in all the wrong places." In a society founded on individualism it's easy to forget that there has always been a community of real people out there to connect with, to touch emotionally and spiritually, if only through unspoken acts of kindness among strangers. My own sense of the "us versus them" in organizations and communities today is that it is a deeply self-protective gesture -- it prevents us from learning either who "they" are OR who we are. May people take to heart your words, your call to action to initiate a different level of contact -- in our families, and with our neighbors all around the world.

Best regards to you!

Rob Paterson

Happy new year to you Jennifer. So apt a comment - We all need a mirror for Christmas.
Rob In PEI

James Governor

and i also meant to say - right on! faceless individuals make up those faceless corporations. if we're faceless at home, we'll be faceless everywhere else.

i am psyched at the moment though. i live in a basement apartment in east london and my wife and i know, and go out with, all three sets of neighbours in the apartments above. not bad for the city...

now you come to mention it - maybe we should all have photos on our blogs, like you do, so we are indeed less faceless.

James Governor

now that is what i call object reuse!

David Foster

Lots of good thoughts...thanks!

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