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February 15, 2005


Sandra Makmann

I HATE COMCAST TOO!!!! A monopoly with zero customer service in my area. I have been desperately seeking an alternative for years. I FOUND ONE AND IT WORKS GREAT. Such pleasure to call Comcast and say GOODBYE and have the chance that to tell them that they are out of chances and their "Customer Service Guarantee" is the biggest joke EVER!


For TV: I use DISH TV: They have been awesome both in their field support and their telephone support. No wonder they get rave reviews for this. Cheap at $34.99 a month I get all I could ever need for channels.

For Internet: I use a AT&T mobile hotspot. For $20 a month and a 99cent piece of hardware called AT&T Unite I can have a network not just at home but anywhere I go. I have tried mobile hot spots thru my Iphone in the past but never had consistent or quality service. This works great! I believe other carriers have the same.

A Facebook User

I worked for comcast as a technician for many years. The way customers were treated and employees were blamed for the horrid managment nearly ruined my life. How can a company that can afford a 22 million dollar TV keep firing its support staff for no reason and get away with it? In my office we had twice the amount of work we could handle while they violated virtually every labor law written. I hope Comcast and every one in its senior management burn in hell.

Joseph Becket

I agree with what you have to say, Comcast can be very frustrating. At times it is a great company, but like many nationwide businesses it can have some weak spots. I was surfing the internet and I found this site where people can vent about poor customer service or products they received... it can get really funny. I would recommend you to check it out here:


As I had promised the executives of ComCrap, I will be blogging about the worst company in the USA market. This company aka ComCast.

Their service advertises as top notch, but in actuality is substandard and not worth anyone's expenses to pursue. My advice is to leave this company and let them go down in the blaze of glory that they so long to do.

Things to not do:

Do not use the automatic bill pay - They can't figure out how to get that to work. For three months straight, I was cut off for no payment - Yes, I was set up for automatic bill payment. And never got a warning, never got a call, never got an email saying that service was going to be interrupted. I had to spend hours on the phone with their representative in India, or some other third world country.. (Yes their name was probably Peggy)...

Do not believe that you will be getting a stellar service. On my scale - dial up is more reliable. Oh don't get me wrong - when it works - it rocks... The problem is my experience was that it was down more than it was up.

Do not believe that the technical folks they send to install or repair know anything. I had two that basically disagreed with each other and left the customer standing alone with still no service.

Do not believe that they will keep an appointment. After moving into my new home they delayed install for another three days. Ironically when I called direct TV - they had someone out the next day.... ComCast takes weeks to get someone to do an install.

Do not believe that you will get all the services that you pay for. I was unable to get any of the phone services online to work. After talking / typing to the support rep, they just brushed it under the rug and ignored the query.

Do not believe that they will treat you fairly. After all that I had been through, not a one either apologize, admitted that they had done wrong, or in any way showed any compassion to the client's they serve. Ironically they didn't fix their problem until after I left them - they finally pulled from my account the amount due (yes I said after I left them as a customer).

Why is it this company is so bad????

Matt Gudites

Comcast is the absolute worst. My parents had them for the longest time, and I've had them since I moved into my condo 6 years ago. Problem after problem after problem. It's nothing inside my house, as all of my splitters have been replaced with up to date standard ones, and the wiring has been verified as good.

It's always something. The HD is getting blocky looking, so they tell me I should think about installing a booster. I install a booster. A couple months later, my cable modem slows down to the point where it's pretty much unusable. Guy comes out to the house -- "oh, you shouldn't have that booster installed, it's making your signal too hot and your cable modem can't handle it." So I turn off the booster, cable modem works for a while, then the same thing starts happening. I know it's an issue outside (it's always an issue outside), but they need me to be home so they can work on it, which means I have to schedule a 3 hour block of time out of my day. Over and over again...wash, rinse, repeat. Their customer service over the phone is awful, and several of the techs they've sent out here over the years have been pretty much useless.

Sick of it, so a few months ago, I dropped the cable modem for CenturyLink DSL. Couldn't be happier! Then, a couple weeks ago, driving down the road and I notice a billboard for CenturyLink's "Prism" service. Apparently we're one of the few areas where they're starting this service up right now! I'm getting it installed tomorrow.

I don't think I'll be able to control the grin on my face when I go into the Comcast store to turn their equipment back in. I hope to never use their service again. I honestly can't think of another company on the planet that SO many people have horror stories about. They must have just about the worst track record around; no one I've ever talked to about Comcast has had anything good to say about them. Good riddance.


I made it clear, in my initial chat to get everything set up (the $99 2-year package) was to get my phone # ported over from Vonage. The rep in the chat said that it was underway. It wasn't. I called in on 8/31, spoke with Operator LGY who said that there was an error & was going to resubmit the process & call me today, 9/4. He did not. I called in yet again today and spoke to a manager who said that he would have a rep call me back to get the port re initiated YET AGAIN. They did not. Comcast simply does not care about their customers. They lie, they overpromise, and they have simply forgotten what it means to provide customer service. I inquired about switching away from them at one point last year and all of the sudden when I hung up, my internet was disconnected and I went through 3 hours of troubleshooting to get it up and running again. They simply do not care, they are vindictive and retaliatory - THEY DO NOT CARE!!!!! If there's a problem, they won't call you back or email you. If they say they will follow up with you, THEY WILL NOT. THEY DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Brian Kerr

My parents have direct TV and its great. I have comcast and my life sucks so bad, it goes out every day, I cannot even get help through their shitty customer service.

I just found this deal It looks pretty sweet, TODAY LADIES AND GENTLEMENT I WILL SIGN UP FOR DIRECT TV.

Shy Gurl641985

whats funny to me is that ppl say ooo your satellite goes out whenever it rains...but i have soooo many cus tell me...there is a cable truck in my subdivision every day because at least one person is having problems with their cable everyday...ive had my service for a year and a half now and satellite has been out once for haf our because of rain...internet and whats the better choice....centurylink/embarq/centurytel....thats my choice

Shy Gurl641985

not even gonna down cable even tho i've had it before and know it well is bad...but i work for a certain phone net and satellite bundling company and maybe you pay a few dollars more per receiver...but i know first hand the company i work for is better because 1 ive had cable in the past and 2 have had sattelite before i worked for this's worth the extra money if 1 you have an hd tv and two like dvr may not be for you if you are a basic cable kinda person...but if you want service that is almost te same price and about the same you will pay for cable then email me [email protected] and i can see if it's available in your area...


This was just posted to the SVP of Customer Care for Comcast... let's see if it makes it to his Blog...

I know that Comcast is trying hard to capture as much of the market as they can.

Who wouldn't, considering that they dramatically mark-up everything they sell, charge for components they don't own, and sell consumers products they don't need. I mean, this is one heck-of-a money making system. To top it all off, after talking with some of the local employees, I hear from them that conditions are less than ideal for multiple reasons, the least of which is the cost cutting measures they employ for wages, compensation and equipment dispersion for customers.

I say all of this because i am getting frustrated by their lack of action concerning my situation. Comcast purchased my local cable company a few years ago and for a few months nothing changed. Then all of a sudden I was getting charged for equipment that the previous cable company had "GIVEN" (is that emphatic enough) to me for signing up with them. I was told when the equipment was originally installed, that it was mine and no longer a part of that particular company. When I contacted Comcast Customer care, at the time, they reversed the charges and all was fine for a couple of more months. then the charges showed up again on my bills. I called again and this time I was refered to a 2nd tier. they never called me back to check on it. I left it for 6 months due to my busy schedule and the fact that to talk to someone live there I would have to go through the 2 hour procedure of explaining my situation and arguing again and again.

When I finally did call in to check on the progress of my situation, I was told that there was no record of the original call. Therefore I had to start over again. This time, I asked the technician on the line to tell me the "Serial Number" of the unit that they thought they owned. The number he read back to me did not match the unit in my house. Therefore, they did not have a correct record of this component and as such did not have legal right to charge a fee for it's use.

That was a year ago, Now I have contacted them monthly on each billing cycle because the charge is still there.

On top of this, when they purchased our previous cable company I was told that there was only one package available for our area. That package has now grown to cost 160.00/m and on top of that, they are charging me for use of an HD signal that I can't use since I HAVE NO TELEVISIONS THAT CAN DO HD.

The last time I called in, I finally got to a CSM (Customer Service Manager). We went through my current bill and discussed the problems in detail. He "sounded" sympathetic with my situation and had me send him copies of my records proving that they did not own the equipment talked about above.

Now with my recent bill, all the old charges are back, and even a few new ones.... I mean, come on, is this something I need to file charges with the FBI over? Is this happening to anyone else? If you do the math on only the first charge, it's 5.00/m so 60.00/y for one household. If they have 25M Households, and they are only doing this over billing practice to a handful (say 5%) that could conceivably be an extra $75,000,000.00 they are getting for absolutely nothing and most people are unaware and just plain paying it.

Mr. Germano, I have been fighting this fight now for 3 years and only because I had no other television or high speed internet option in my area. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.



I live in the Houston area and I am unfortunately a COMCAST customer. I have been a customer for well over ten years and have done everything I can to remove myself from their cable service and internet, but no one else offers service in my area. I have had comcast come out a re-wire my connection from the street, I have had them come out and switch modems about six times, I have wasted countless hours on the phone with rude and uncooperative tech support folks. My connection is very unstable and has been since I first got service with COMCAST. They have given me every excuse in the world. I work in IT and I am convinced that they are throttling internet service to users. It pisses me off so bad I can not see straight. I pay about $80 a month for their so called "BLAST SERVICE" 2up and 16down......yeah right!!!!! Horse Shit!!!!!!......I get disconnects all the time and crawling internet speeds. Everytime they come out they say nothigns wrong and it may be my router. I have replaced my router many times as well. COMCAST you are horrible. I do not know one person that expressing any desire to be a COMCAST customer. We are forced into COMCAST slavery because they are a monopoly. I am moving this year and will buy a house specifically in an area where I can get Verizon Fios directly to the house and I am considered filing a law suit against COMCAST because of their deceptive business practices. GOD I cannot express how truely much I HATE this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie A

I know this is probably a stupid question but I just want to know;

Who are you using for internet?

Also, I hate comcrap, too..

What's up with this billing a month in advance bullcrap? I have a Type 1 Diabetic child! I need the internet and can't afford it!

Debbie Clark

Hello. My name is Debbie and I hate Comcrap. I see I have lots of fellow haters here. My story.
I have had Comcrap cable for almost 14 years in this location. I have had my issues with them over the years but nothing serious. Not till now. We were all told that we HAD to install cable boxes on all our TVs hooked to cable in order to comtinue getting our digital TV. What a pain in the ass and may I say a trip down memory lane. Apparently Comcrap doesnt realize we have evolved past the need to have a box hooked to the TV. We all have cable ready TVs now. I havent used a 'box' to get my cable in over 20 years. So ok, we hook up two of our 3 TVs to the miracle boxes and havent had decent TV since. Our TV in the living room pixelates to the point of not being able to see the picture on all the higher channels. The TV in the bedroom doesnt get the upper channels at all. I have twice called the Comcrap call center where they all speak broken English from a scrip. And twice sending the 'signal' to the box has not worked. So since I refuse to call the 1-800-cant speak English Comcrap line, I sent them an email. So tonight a lovely lady who actually spoke Englis as her first language called me. Here is her fix. For the TV in the living room I can either rent their 'better box' (for a monthly feee)in order to clearly see the digital hi def channels or I can purchase an A/B switch from Radio Shack and split the signal so that when I want watch hi def I can get up and go to the TV and flip the switch. Seriously. I thought the boxes were a step backward in time but an A/B Switch? Or I can take a day off work (she could only schedule 3 days in advance) and meet the tech and let him go TV to TV to see if he can fix it.
I said, so I can only see the channels I am already paying for if I pay you an additional monthly fee for a different box? OR use the A/B switch. She was very nice but stupid if she thinks the people in my community cant see a strong arm tatic for what it is. I am currently pricing ATT's service and I'm going to write my States Attorney General.


Try calling custpmer service top find out promtoions for exsiting customers and they can't pull up your account by name by nothing yet the tech i was chatting with seemed to find it just fine but i had to talk to ther loyalty department to find current specials ha ha ha i am being charged a 120$ a month and there telling me i don't get the pull benefits of the prefered package cause i just have a prefered add on for 16.99 is that messed up or what when i asked what i had to do to get all the channels i feel i am entitled to they told me it would be an aditional 134 i wish my apartment would let me get dish or direct tv or some body


I live in a minor comcast market where they are the only game in town and that company very arrogantly lets it be known how un-important we local customers are.
A day without calling comcast to report a problem with an element of my bundle package was like a true reprieve. Getting through to those script-reading robots erroneously referred to as "customer service" was a very stressful exercise.There are few things in this life that I can truly say "I HATE" and at the very top of that list is comcast. At the end of the day, my solution was to cancel my dealing with them. We must stand up to these schiester corporations and do our part to fight back. We don't have to take it !!


So. January 31 this year I call to sign up for Comcast in preparation for a move. When you call to sign up for service, the customer service rep does not let you off the phone without making a payment (pro rated with "installation fees" even though you are actually the one installing the equipment and a tech no longer comes out to help). I paid my $88 or whatever, and when the equipment arrives at my house, I realize I find that I've received two digital cable boxes (I only ordered one). So, I go through the installation and it does not work (note: I am not a retard...I am perfectly capable of hooking up cable. A monkey could do it). I go through some common sense troubleshooting and finally call Comcast tech support. Long story short, first "tech" tells me that it is my fault, there is something wrong with my electrical outlets and they can't do anything about it. We hang up and I call again (rolling the dice so to speak to see if I can get a more competent rep). Next rep has me try both cable boxes. Turns out they both have defective parts but an hour and a half later we end with a hybrid box consisting of parts from both and working cable. Through our evening together, the tech (non-retard one) and I discover that I am showing two accounts and that is why I have two boxes. I realize that during the initial phone call, I was confused about my new address and even though we sorted it out, the brilliant customer service rep ended up creating two separate accounts for me. One with an address that doesn't exist. He must have really wanted to make sure he "sealed the deal." She--the phone tech--confides the wise thing to do is have an in-person tech come to my house to pick up the extra box and swap it out for the cable converter thing used for extra bedrooms. In person tech comes the next day, hooks up my other cable and leaves with the extra box. Done deal, right? I mean, this is pretty standard "convenient service" with Comcast.

Nope. Within a few weeks I begin receiving delinquency notices from Comcast. Then the daily calls begin. Every single time I answered and spoke with a customer service rep I was told "AHHH it looks like you have two accounts. Do you live at 645 NW XXX PKWY?" Me "No, that account should not exist that is not a real address." Them. "AHHH Okay well no problem it looks like your account is in good standing 'I'll just make a note in here' and you'll be fine." Me. "Okay thanks. Looking forward to hearing from one of your coworkers again tomorrow. Same time same place!" So this goes on for about a month. Some days I answer and play the game, some days I am not in the mood. On February 15 (a month and a half later mind you)I answer the call during my grandmother's birthday party, less than amused and ready to be done with this sick Comcast mind game. The rep and I go through the usual song and dance, but this time I am curt and say look I'm not doing this anymore it's your problem not mine and someone there just needs to take some initiative and fix it. She wants to transfer me to billing, to which I say "no. I am at my GRANDMA's birthday party. I am not doing this right now." She promises to escalate this to her supervisor and get it fixed. Naturally next day's call arrives on time. By Thursday's call that week I am ready to tackle the problem once and for all. I tell the guy look I am frustrated and I just need to speak to a billing supervisor. He, of course, won't let me. Sidenote: Is that a Comcast practice? To train the reps to prevent customers from talking to supervisors who can actually make account adjustments and solve problems? Anyways, I digress and this story is already incredibly long and giving me a headache. So...oh, okay. So reject jerk Jeff at the Portland Comcast call center ID# 495 is being incredibly difficult and pressing me for the same song and dance info I've given to Comcast call center reps around the globe 257 times now and I'm blurting out my address and he says "your service has been disrupted because your account balance is delinquent." WHAT??? My SERVICE HAS BEEN SHUT OFF??? Okay now I am positively FUMING in my office to the point I have to shut the door. I tell Jeff that he needs to transfer me to a billing supervisor immediately and I am no longer playing this game with Comcast. He tells me no supervisor is available. NO SUPERVISOR? Then he tells me they have supervisors but they are all in an interview room. HMMM every single person who is of authority at your call center is in one single interview room at the same time? Jeff tells me he will have one of them call me back. He asks if I am going to be at this number all day. I ask is it going to take them "all day" to call me back? And he says well, actually they will call you back after 24 hours. WHAT? Um Jeff...I have no cable service. And that is because COMCAST cannot rectify a simple billing error. I will hold Jeff. I will hold for a supervisor. He tells me I "can't" hold. To which I tell him that he and I know very well that is B.S. I said I have had enough and I will hold. To which he loses his temper, I ask for his employee ID number, and he says "Go ahead" and hangs up on me. SO...ugh I am exhausted but have come to far to quit (both in this post and with the actual situation).

So, I call back again. And this time I am calm and collected and tell the nice Comcast girl that I need to speak to a supervisor please. And hey hey now guess what? She says "SURE no problem! One moment, please." And a supervisor gets right on the phone. Literally. UGH. Okay so now I tell supervisor----Jeff/ James? Something like that--- the story I've just told here (minus the installation part) and he basically is rude to me and starts accusing me of holding Comcast equipment that has not been returned. Equipment assigned to that fake second account! Now if you remember the in-person tech collected that equipment. Months ago! I tell this to James/Jeff and funny thing, the phone "disconnects." SO I wait five minutes thinking he'll call me back. Does he? Nope. Of course not. So I call again and get another person who also immediately gets me a supervisor (a new one of course, because I am informed that James/Jeff is busy helping another agent now---apparently he was super concerned about returning my call/resolving my issue, eh?). Now Melissa and I go through the whole story. Again. And she promises to "keep me in the loop" about my account but cautions me that I am still liable for the missing equipment that got shipped to the fake house. I tell her that frankly, I am not liable. Comcast is. This string of idiots is responsible. I am not. Nor will I be held accountable. She says she understands and will call me in two weeks with an update. I tell on Jeff ID# 495 for hanging up and being rude and she PROMISES that Comcast "prides itself on OUTSTANDING customer service" and that this will be addressed with his supervisor. If his supervisor is that Jeff/James guy I'm hosed. We'll see if Melissa really calls, and if Comcast really tries to hold ME personally responsible for equipment that THEIR tech took with him and did god knows what with. I need a nap and stiff drink now. I hate Comcast.


I am really sorry for all the frustrations that has brought you. We are trying our best to give you the best service... we need your understanding that we are relying in our system also. If there is a problem in the new address, what we can do is to give you the best solution if we can not process your order, give you an heads up. Now, we are documenting and leave a note in every interaction we have in our customers so that it wll be easier in your next chat with us. We, the CSRs who processs your orders, would love to serve you the best. We understand if you feel that way but please understand also that we are only depending in our system. Again, we are so sorry.

Salomon Impact 10

It's not just Comcast. It's all of them that pull this crap. Cable just seems to get away with it. If more people realized that they could get satellite for 30 dollars a month maybe they would help stop this stuff.


We had never been a fan of Comcast (or ComCrap as we call them). We had many problems, but since it was the ONLY option for cable in our area, we dealt with it. After I purchased a new HD flat screen for my husband for Christmas I put a call into ComCrap to upgrade to HD service. After waiting on hold forever I decided to try the on-line route. I added the service via their web site and elected a day to have a technician come deliver the HD box (a date 2 weeks out was the first available). When an on-line rep chatted with me to confirm the upgrade she suggested I go to our local Comcast center and pick up an HD box there so we would have it sooner. I told her I would go Monday morning (it was late Saturday). Monday morning I called Comcast again and after a 10 minute wait I spoke with a representative to confirm we would not need to purchase any cables or additional items, just "pick up the HD box", which I said we would be doing shortly. My husband went that morning and after waiting in line for 30 minutes, had to leave for an appt. He went back a few hours later, waited in line another 30 minutes only to be told there were no more HD boxes left and to come back the following day as they'd be getting 80 new ones. The following day I went back (11 month old in tow) and waited ANOTHER 30 minutes only to be told AGAIN that they were out of boxes. I threw a bit of a fit and they made a call to the warehouse and told me they were in the process of programming additional boxes and would have more in one hour. I said - hold a box - I will be back in one hour. And I was. I waited 40 minutes and when I got to the lady (same one as before) she took 20 minutes looking for the "compenants" that went with the box. I finally said screw this and left, shaking with anger and frustration. Between my husband and I we'd spent over two hours in line trying to UPGRADE service and give them MORE money! If a customer is upgrading, wouldn't you want to keep them happy? My husband called to complain and asked if an HD box could be shipped. They said no. They said they'd send a tech out to deliver a box for a "small fee". He said "NO FEE" - we had waited and tried to do it ourself. So, they scheduled someone to come out in two days free of charge. The guy showed up at 7am and woke up our entire family (including baby). Then, on top of it all, he didn't have an HD box!!! He "only had HD DVR" which costs an additional fee on top of the extra charge for HD. My husband was so desperate to just have HD, he said to hook it up. Once it was we found out there was only about 10 HD channels (maybe 4 of which we'll ever watch). No DIscovery or History channels in HD. So, we're paying an extra $20/mo for HD, about $150/mo just for cable/internet. I can not even articulate my anger and frustration! I HATE COMCAST!!!!!

Mandi Poo

At least its all out in the open now, huh? Listen, I am not going to steer you one way or the other but I will say this: Clear just unveiled their first and brand new 4G network (the mobile card you can download anywhere in the city, even outside) and without the commitment of the triple package, for about half the cost. If you like downloading music & movies like I do and aren’t into ‘keeping track’ of usage…. Clear has NO SPEED or DOWNLOAD caps that should sound pretty awesome. I am just a happy Clear customer that is happy to be free of the package and not forced into Qwest or Verizon. I would be happy to share with anyone where I signed up: [email protected]


Comcast is thee wrost cable etc, I just recently moved into a apartment complex. Now this apartment complex is comcast ready I wasn't to happy to hear this. They will not allow Verizon to come to set up what ever they need for better cable etc.

So i move in, set up with comcast my first bill comes.....OMFG $618.46
I call comcast ask them where in the world did they get this number at, they tell me "Well the address you gave us has a previous balance" I say this is an Apartment Complex I am a new tenant"
They dont wont to hear it, just repeating themselves the address you have gave has a previous balance..........I told them NO NO thats not how things work, Just cause your service sucks and all doesn't mean you have the right to charge a new account, a left over balance from someone else this is BS.
So now its been 3 weeks I have NO Cable, Nothing at all it sucks.

All cause comcast thinks well the new tenants will pay hell No, top it all off Ii lost my job after 4 years, Xmas is alittle over 2 weeks away, i have a 5 year old whom is highly upset cause he cant watch SpongeBob.
So yea I am in hell right.

Right before comcast disconnect me without warning, I spoke to their customer service, told them i have lost my job and you wont me to pay 618.46 which isnt my fault. the guy says NO NO just pay us $75.00 a month, everytime i got a new bill their has been new things added to the bill, So i call again, Lovely comcast says its from a previous bill at this address so now the bill shots up to 822.65.
On ThanksGiving, Comcast decided to disconnect.
Without giving us a warning, now today i get another bill from comcast now its over 1200.00.

WTF is going on, here, now stupid comcast couldnt get the last folks whom lived in this apartment to pay their bill, so now its my bill............NO NO

I cant get help anywhere to resolve this isse.

Top it off my husband goes to comcast office to put it in his name, they are giving him the same BS also, for him to put it in his name Comcast needs 1600.00 to turn on service cause the address has a previous balance.

So now we have been watching DVD after DVD. its getting boring now.


Over the years I have subscribed to five different cable companies at different home locations but have never run into such incompetence and arrogance as found at Comcast. On two different occasions they have billed me for four months of service though I sent them copies of cashed checks and money orders for each month. They simply ignored the proof and kept billing me. The first time it happened I finally wrote to the CEO of Comcast with copies to the local office. The next time, I wrote to the franchising authority, the local city commission.
Both matters were finally straightened out but not without a lot of effort and frustration on my part and no thanks to Comcast itself.
A suggestion: Comcast is now in negotiations to buy NBC which, unlike cable networks, comes under the authority of the Federal Communications Commission. If they get NBC it will become as #@%&ed up as Comcast itself is. Please write the FCC and urge that the sale to Comcast not be permitted, and send copies to both of your state's U.S. Senators.
Comcast does not deserve to be rewarded with a broadcast network that airs its programs on wavelengths that belong to the people, not to Comcast.


Dish Network seems to really be the better choice. I found some great specials at this website & those specific promo codes. Good Luck!

harley phillips

After having comcast services installed several years ago, I purchased a modem and took the one they left
back to the local comcast center. Recently I noticed they were charging me $3.00 a month for modem
rental and called to complain. The representative I talked to said that someone would get in touch with me
in several weeks. When they didn't, I called again to be informed that I had signed the work order for the
installation that had a modem listed on it. Despite the fact that the serial number on mine is different than
the one on the work order, they refused to refund nearly two years of rental charges amounting to about $70.
Now, when I get this service disconnected, they said they will need my modem back. Lets see: I bought
the modem for $30 something, they charged me $70 for me using my modem and now they want it back!
What is wrong with this picture?


thanks for making up my mind...with other blogs about comcast which i was considering going to i am for sure going to stay with my direct tv...other than a few weather realted outages i have great service and customer service is wonderful...the only reason i was conisering the switch was cost related


Hi, i know it's not funny comcast ruin your life, but i have to say that you really made me laugh, i work for comcast, and, guess what? I also hate them, it's a crappy company, for customers and for the employee... So if you call comcast try to understand, you're calling to Mexico (just for california area)so we don't know nothing, well not really about the product, we don't even know how a cable box looks like, and we're just workers, nothing moro, don't get angry if supervisor don't take your call, is not becuase of us, the agents, it's because the supervisor's don't want to take calls, believe me, I hear, watch and experince THE SAME EVERYDAY, and here in mexico the customer's account executive's hate comcast even more than you... we don't have a better choise for a job, here is the most well paid job, and they only pay us like 2.50 dlls the hour so in pesos is like 34 pesos... But you have too many options for service, why stay with comcast... go somewhere else, if not just call and say you will disco service, they'll xfer you to retention dep, and will get a promo :)...


I was a Time Warner customer for at least 20 years. Occassional outages? Yes, but always due to weather and always repaired promptly. ComcASSt??? Nothing but trouble for the last 3 years. My cable/internet goes out every single time we get more than a drizzle of least twice a month. My biggest problem was poor reception and a "no signal" message on my tv screen almost every other day. They sent tech after tech after tech with each one of them saying they'd "fixed" the problem. Finally, after having had enough, I called person after person until I found the right person to explain my ongoing problem. Yet another tech was sent out and discovered that the cable leading to my house was frayed. Great!! They FINALLY found the problem and all would be well, right? WRONG!!! Comcast informed me that my cable was connected to a pole that was owned by the city of Memphis and that they couldn't access it. I called the city offices. They basically laughed and told me that I'd been fed a bunch of crap. Back to Comcast. After a couple of months with my cable constantly going out, a tech told me that my lines were connected to a pole that was on private property and that they needed permission to access it. A couple of weeks go by,.....nothing. It ends up that I go over to the house myself to ask permission for Comcast to enter their yard, explaining that they had left them messages, but hadn't received a response from the homeowner. The homeowner said she'd NEVER received any notification whatsoever from Comcast, but that they could enter her back yard anytime. So I call Comcast and tell them. Another tech comes out. OOPS!!!!! Wrong yard!!! Your cable is connected to another private property!!! Again, I go to another house to ask permission because Comcast refused to. That homeowner, however, informed me that Comcast was crazy and that nothing but MLGW utilities were connected to the pole. After finally getting in touch with someone in the corporate office, Comcast finally replaced the damaged cable that led to my house. Problem solved???? NO!! Like I said, my cable goes out each time it rains heavier than a drizzle. Recently, after a heavy downpour my cable went out again. I called to report the outage and was told there wasn't an outage in my area. I told the CSR that my neighbor's was out and she told me that if that were the case, then I needed to get her to call them and report it. She also told me that if I didn't believe there was an outage in my neighborhood that I needed to go to each neighbor and ask them to call!!!! I finally relented and scheduled a service call, but was told I would be charged for it!!! I'd had enough, so I called and called until I finally spoke with a supervisor. She told me she'd give me a 20.00 credit and that there would be no service fee. The service tech comes and tells me there's nothing wrong, so I get on the phone again and get another supervisor who tells me he's going to give me a 50.00 credit. I told him I'd already been given a 20.00 one and he said, "well, I'm giving you a 50.00 one". Well, guess what??? The next bill came with no credit whatsoever. I called the billing dept and was told they were having problems with their billing and for me to deduct 50.00 from my bill. The next statement, I get the 20.00 credit I was told the first time, by a different supervisor, that I would get, and instead of the 39.95 service fee I complained about, there was a 30.00 credit under their phone service.....WHICH I DON'T HAVE!!!! Anyway, I've been deducting the 50.00 each month like I was told to do. Well, when my service went out YET AGAIN last weekend and I called, I was told that I was deliquent with my payments!! I told them I ALWAYS pay ALL of my bills on time and that I've never been deliquent with Comcast!!! Guess what??? It's the 50.00 credit!!! I tried to explain what I was told, but for the last 3 days, I've received collection calls!!!! For a measly 50.00 bucks!!! At this point and time, it's not even about the money, it's all about the principle and the HELL I've had to go through since Comcast took over Time Warner!!! I HATE COMCAST!!!!! All I want to know now is who lied to me??? Do I owe the 50.00 or is it in addition to the credit and deletion of the service fee??? I don't know and I don't care!! I'm one of those who have no choice other than dish. Comcast is by far the WORST company I've ever had to do business with in my entire adult life. I hope enough people will complain so that something will be done about it. Maybe 20/20 or something might take a look at this crappy company and the crappy way they treat their customers!!!


you know whats funny?
how deluded some people are.

i'm glad you all hate comcast.
the reality is that there need be no customer service, when there is people ou there like this.

first off, something you should know about any company, as long as it gets large, it gets beaurocratic, and things beging to take weeks, for everything. its the same across the board. if you're willing to argue i have references from at&t and the new at&t formerly verizon wireless. people hated all those companies, just as much as you hate comcast. direct tv you say? worked there too. its literally a flip of the coin, and unfortunately, some people do get stuck with bad experiences.

for starters, you will continue to get bills until a technician can get out to your house to disconnect the lines physically. that is not to say that you are charged during that time, its just the computer system is designed to bill customers while they are connected (which prevents customers who don't pay their bill and get temporary shut offs, from having to reactivate accounts) if you have a better workaround, i suggest you make a cable company. after it is shut off, the bill goes back to the date you called to cancel, and fixes it. secondly, the collection agency is within comcast, and doesn't get routed to an outside company for at least 6 months. i'm sorry if the phone calls bother you, but i'd say patience is a virtue.

another question, do you think static on digital music channels is all your service? you are sorely mistaken. so, using the guise that you thought your service was off is unacceptable unless you claim to be of extreme lesser intelligence, and i hope you are not.

by the way, the guys who pick up your box, work for minimum wage, the guys who disconnect your box, get paid 30+ an hour. so, you're telling me it makes more sense to pay over 20$ more an hour to do a job another individual would do for a third of the price?

you know, its almost funny. people complain about how there is a monopoly. do you know why? because people NEED TV. I don't watch tv. this is why. people get sucked in, and this stigma that they need tv controls them. go out, read a book. draw. be a musician. this is why other people are successful and you are not, because you sit at home and get mad at the cable company. and its funny, because a) you still pay, and b) you're addicted to pretend. its actually pathetic. hate literally means to want to destory something. unlike your car makers, comcast is employing thousands and thousands of americans each year, and you're saying you hate them having the means to survive. rather unpatriotic, over tv?

get some sense.


I happen to be a Comcast representative and there is a couple of things I have to say even before I was a cust I have had no problem with my service except for one time when the fiber ioptic cables got cut by PG&E and it was so bad it took Comcast a week to fix the problem.
Not everyone has problems such as this person.
But my question is this, do you ever think about the person who you are talking to on the phone. We are people to, we know you are calling in about something if a problem or a bill, yelling at us and treating us like dirt will not solve any of your issues. I for one will not give a cust a promotion or a credit if they yell and scream at me or cuss at me. Think about who you are talking to I am a person to just like you doing my job. I have feelings. We are up front we take care of you when we call. Did you know we have more power then a supervisor. A person thinks they will get something by talking to a supervisor but they support us and our decision as we know the business and we know what we have to do. If your not eligible for a promotion or can t get a promotion like a new customer you can t get it, I dont care if you threaten to cancel most of the time it is a bluff anyway I been in this business long enough to know this. I will take care of you if I can. A lot of times the calls are about late technicians, well I do agree a lot of them are our problem, the contractors go to go.
But just remember Comcast is one of the companies that are hiring in this country and they help communities and they donate a lot to the public. Comcast is growing everyday. I am sure we have disgruntled customers everyone does but we are surpassing direct tv and any other satellite company out there we are even bigger then Time Warner. We are not going anywhere.

Chaya Topas

Comcast is the absolute worst internet service provider I have ever worked with. I had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in order to get my service- which I had prepaid for, hooked up. It took them two months from the time I received my equipment and self installed it, until I actually got service. And then they billed me for twice the amount that they said they would. They could not possibly be more incompetent or rude.


Hi what can i say that's messed up they don't care they just wanna collect money
i was a comcast technician and i am gonna go back with them next week the only thing i can suggest is swith to dish network they got way better and more chanels i got it at my house now about the subcontractor techs we get our work orders at the shop and we run the route comcast tells us to do what eva it takes to get the money from the custumor i always try to take my time with the customer and make sure he/she is satisfied with the service and i explain 1 2 even 3 or 4 times how to work the on demand and etc but not a lot of techs do that they connect at the pole conect your box throw the remote and the book on the table and ask you for money ...... i am sorry for ya'lls experience and i hope you switch to dish trust me it's better for me it's a job i need to do something so i can survive .....


We've been a comcrap (as everyone i know calls it) customer for about 6 god forsaken years as they have monopolized out area and there's no one else. Our first hook up they told us that stepfather (who the apartment's name was in) didn't have to be there, so he went to work. The guy comes and they tell us oh no he has to be here or they won't do anything. So the guy leaves, promising to come back. After about an hour of talking to the CSR they gave in and said we could just fax his DL and they'd start it.

Things were ok for a little while, I remember being amazed at how fast the internet was going and we didn't really have any problems with the cable. Then we started noticing it slowing down. After having enough we called and they told us they'd get around to sending a guy out. he came out and gave us a bs answer about a filter problem and monkeyed with the cable. Upon looking over his shoulder at the speed settings he had us on my dad noticed they had turned us down to a slower speed. When we called the tech on it he of course apologized and turned it back to where it should be. Sure enough about a month after he left our internet began running slower.

Fast forward to this year. We've been experincing a disconnect problem about once a month where our signal drops reconnects drops reconects at a 5-10 minute interval. What happens when we call them about it? "Its showing me that you're online now so there's no problem and no need to send out a tech" Nevermind the fact that as soon as we hang up it starts the crap all over again. I personally play mmos and to be disconnected every few minutes when we pay for "highspeed" is awful.

Month ago we decided to take the apartment below us since my fathers knee is bad. We called to have the service switched and the one upstairs turned off. We had planned on getting rid of our home phone with ATT because all of us had cells and we don't use it but we saw the add on tv todo the digital phone and get a cheaper price. the Csr on the phone also asured us that they had battery back ups and things like that thay kept us from having to worry about being without a phone (we live in miami so we get hit by hurricanes, last one we were without cable/net for a week but we still had our house phone).

Tech comes to the new house starts setting things up and cannot get the main pc to see the internet, however he asks for a laptop so he can test the wireless, I lend him mine and low and behold it works. So the guy says job done and starts to leave. What about the main pc, who cares if the laptop works, we need the main pc to run our network. Tech states that they're just responsible to get one connected. Time to call comcast again, after 15 minutes on the phone they tell the tech he has to hook up the one pc we want hooked up. He ends up leaving 3 hrs later when he still hasn't fixed the problem, my father that knows generally how to do it ended up getting it and the other 3 pcs connected.

So 3 days go by and we're still moving and unpacking. We're sitting down to watch tv and it goes out. Now we've been comcast users for 6 years- this happens regularly so we whine and wait it out. Usually we get about 4-5 outages a year at the LEAST. After calling the next day (everything wen out late at night) to see if there's an outage we find that no there isn't and out cable should be fine. Obviously it isn't so we schedule a guy to come out -3 days later. Now while this is all happening we're missing calls (since they talked us into getting digital phone through their crap) from our land lords, causing them to become pissed enough to send our buildings security by and reem us out.

The tech gets here and right away tells us the problem. The tech before had finally came to disconnect us and instead of only disconnecting upstairs HE DID BOTH CONNECTIONS. They must really only employ the best of the best. I will say that the guy who came to put it back on was very kind and helpful he got us right on. Also to add we were supposed to get a $25 credit for the down time-never saw it.

Now to why I'm reading these and filling out this post - my nets currently down and I'm at a friends to check my email and such.

We are approaching huricane season and are having high wind storms and it knocked out 8 county s - including mine or so we though. We called their number to here the same message for 2 days saying that there's an outage in our neighborhood don't report. Finally after 3 days of no phone no internet no tv we called to see when it sohuld be up to have a CSR inform us that there is no shortage in our neighborhood and had we called and reported sooner we'd have net now but we have to wait 2 more days to get a tech out here to see to the issue. We politely told them that their machine had been telling us there was and the csr began belittling us telling us we should have reported and the machine was wrong. When we asked to speak to a supervisor we were informed that they do not forward calls to them any more but we could call a different number and someone would get back to us - fat chance.

So I will be waiting to play the waiting game with them on Sunday.

-very dissatisfied customer


I would like to add to the disrespect and total disregard of the comcast clients.
I never had a problem with Warner Cable. I had it for at least 15 years. I had moved a few times and they were always accomodating.
When the transition happened however, they sent an unexperienced tech to convert my pc into the bundle package I had purchashed.
He tried to do his job, but ended up frying my pc! His supervisor came over, looked at it, and said "I'm sorry,he didn't know what he was doing, he should have recognized that the pc was too old too handle the disk."He then left saying he would call HIS supervisor.Meanwhile, my phone is disconnected because of the mistake.
After about 2 wks. (after calling and calling) I heard from the first supervisor that it wasn't their fault.
It was MINE, and I should have told them my pc was about 3 yrs old.
Needless to say, they have never offered to pay for the pc, just charged me late fees for equipment which I turned in (on time)when I switched to Direct TV. It took months for them to recognize that I had turned in the equipment. All the while interest, and credit reporting were going on! I am still in a battle after 2 years with my credit, it's ridiculous!


My most recent Comcast Customer Service Experiences involved an attempt to get my weak internet signal strength fixed, which required the installation of another outdoor cable. I learned that one does NOT catch more flies with honey. Here’s the run-down of what I learned from the experience:

They don't keep their appointments within the 12 hour window that is given, and if you ask to be contacted by the technicians before they come (so you can be there), you are told that they will make that request, but there is no guarantee. Lovely! I guess we’re supposed to be “understanding” of this. So I was, and thanked the person for their help, with a smile in my voice.

When the technicians came, one guy was very polite and professional, but the other one was trying to get me to tip him to upgrade my channel offerings that he could “fix” at the cable box up the pole. All hail to the powerful cable technician. Of course I said no because 21 channels on basic cable is good enough for me. I’m not a big boobtuber.

When they have to come back a 2nd time after the first sloppy installation attempt, (I'm no cable installation expert, but even I know that loose cables are dangerous! ), you will be given another 12 hour window during which time you'll be waiting captive and vigilantly in your home to listen out for their arrival since there is no guarantee they will call to give you a heads up.

They do not have a "supervisor" call back ever, even after REPEATED polite requests. The surefire way to get a call back, is to take more of your precious time and use your cell phone minutes to fill out the automated customer survey following each Comcast phone interaction. When you do eventually get that callback, be sure to keep your voice even and don’t let it show that you are upset that it’s been about 20 days since the first phone call with only a partial resolution, because if you do, the person calling you to resolve the complaint, will turn on you. You should suck up to them until the bitter end if you want to keep things all cotton candy and pleasant. Just as long as you know that when dealing with Comcast, you do NOT catch more flies with honey. This is no guarantee that things will get done smoothly and efficiently (did I just use those words in the same paragraph as Comcast? Blasphemy!!!)

There is NO accountability. When the "technicians" come out to do the work, it is a free for all. If it’s not done correctly and you have to call the “customer service reps” back yet again, you will hear that the technicians are contracted and since they are not Comcast employees, there is not much control over the quality of the work.

The harder one tries to get the issue(s) resolved, the longer it takes.

And lastly, I heard of “going postal”. I wonder what the comparable phrase here would be for Comcast haters? Any suggestions???

Under the circumstances of the pervading issues with this company, I think that employers should include "waiting for Comcast" as part of their standard PTO reasons for employees.


So what do you do when you come home and your front gate is open and you don't notice anything wrong, but my husband noticed that someone was digging in the one corner of our yard. I checked with a neighbor and she said it was Comcast. Who gives them the right to come into our yard when were not home. Especially reaching over the fence to open the lock. My poor plants under the palm trees are smothered. Not to mention a child could have gotten into our yard and possible drowned. No one came to the house to tell us that they wanted to dig, or we would have been more than happy to stay home and watch them work. Were our my rights as a home owner who pays taxes.

Average Joe

Dear Rose at Comcast,

Thanks for hitting me while I’m already down. It’s nice enough to be unemployed, but to be harassed by an “systems engineer” at Comcast for wanting to get my internet up and look for jobs was just over the top.

My house’s Comcast has been down for nearly a week (it’s still down) now. We first were told to remedy the situation with a new $5 modem, because ‘that doesn’t make sense.’ After that obviously didn’t work and knowing they should have sent a systems guy to our house (they hate doing as per below), they decided to disregard their stated 24/7 customer service and wait for my roomates and I to call and demand someone come on site to fix the problem.

The real kicker is that my girlfriend’s Comcast network, in our nation’s capital - Washington, DC - has been down for weeks now. Each time they call to get someone to come down, they are assured that someone will be there “that day.” Do they come? NO!? Has she received a call when they said they would come by? No!!

For the hundreds of thousands of other Americans struggling to search online for, apply and hopefully get their next job…. Thanks for caring Comcast. You’re lack of concern for average citizens is a crime. Expect to hear from me again when the guy “forgets” to come – or harasses me for not having a job.


I totally respect everyone’s opinions, you like what you like. However some comments left on this page are extremely absurd. It’s like yes I have Comcast and yes sure I’ve had my fair share of problems like with any company. Hell the bank has charged me overdraft charges in error, the grocery store has charged me for laundry detergent in error, AT&T has took automatic payment out my bank account for services that never got installed, but so what shit happens and it gets resolved. So here are all you Comcast haters who obviously haven’t tried hard enough to get you problems resolved.

Those of you who have problems with their price and the way the business is run should take it into perspective, “what if it were your business?” Like all companies, they have to make money they cant give out shit.

And they do have slower speeds for people who don’t want such a fast speed, do your research before you get on a website and criticize.

Then there’s you complainers about not wanting all the add’l things like the MacAfee, and email. Well that’s good for you however 97% of people like things that are free. And yes, your right sure they probably find other ways to charge your for these things however it is important you analyze this properly. If AT&T is 5 dollars cheaper and the speeds aren’t even comparable especially in areas like Castro Valley where Comcast just launched 50megs and in addition you receive free virus protector. That something to consider, seeing as to how if you have AT&T or another internet provider you’ll either have to pay for the virus protect or/and pay for geek squad to remove all the shit off your computer. So lucky you, you don’t need the virus protector and you wish they’d reduce your bill because you don’t use it. Well hell McDonalds doesn’t take .30 cents off when I tell them no lettuce. You don’t go in Macy’s and brag about wal-mart prices!!!

Then there’s also you cry babies about paying money to rent the equipment. Ok there’s options… You have the option of purchasing your own modem, maybe this is something you should consider if the rental fee is bothering you. Also consider that when its time for a new modem, and they are generally reinvented and improved yearly you’ll be back at Best Buy purchasing another versus going to you local store and doing a very simple swap. $3 X 12 … what’s that $36? So for $36 bucks you upgrade anytime you need to and swap it out if for some reason it isn’t working properly. Very different from when you purchase one huh, kind of like AT&T makes you do. But once again its about choices.

Lastly, you people are complaining about Comcast long lines but let’s think of it this way, you go into Comcast and return or exchange your equipment, you get a receipt and your job there is done. Other companies… lets see, you ship your things via UPS or pay their pick up and or delivery fees, and yes Comcast charges pick up fees but that goes back to the choice! You can even go to Comcast and get Remotes, cant do that with Dish, but sure they’ll mail you one. Lol, so your dog chews up your remote and you have to be mailed a remote. Hope you have patience now lady, you’ll need it. A line aint nothing compared to our postal system, lol… hope you don’t need a remote anytime near a holiday! J but hey anywhere you go there’s going to be a line, so prepare yourself better before going to a place such as this. Or tell your friends in line with you to catch up with technology and pay their bills online or call or something. Shit you cant blame Comcast that their customers are walking in and standing in long lines to pay their bill at the last minute or when they get their Social Security checks.

Satisfied Comcast Customer!


I hate comcast so bad am going to create a website just for people to talk about their horrific experience with them, I,ll call it Death to

Brian Pineda

Gawd comcast internet sucks! I hate watching TV and most of the true 411 i get is from internet. But its really hard to keep up with the world when you have Comcast.

Comcast basic internet is phukking slow! ATT internet is was what i had b4 comcast and it was way better, never had any problems with connection or connection speed.


I am about to have a very bad comcast experience as I am still on the phone with a customer service rep to try to resolve a simple billing error, which is comcast's fault but they are still having a hard time trying to fix the problem...

So for all of you who are interested here is a link to comcast's executives. Maybe it's time they hear directly from you.


I hate comcast because April 2008 I signed up a new company for comcast business services and they came out and installed it, however, never got it to work because someone had cut the main line to the building. So they sent a request to fix it to comcast construction, however, it is now March 2009 and they have yet to complete the work. They saw fit to bill us for over $400 in service, before terminating it for non-payment, that they never delivered, that their system knows they never delivered, and sent us to collections for it. They are the worst and stupidest company ever. I hate they so much over this I'm even switching my home service to Verizon.

Fed Up

Look "no one in particular" from the Feb. 01, 2009 post, get over yourself. Sounds like a great fulfilling job you have working on behalf of Comcast. You're doing a great job of promoting a customer service oriented image. Your comments are indicative of that evil company's true sentiments. You don't care about the customers, you are just driven by money. Most of us are frustrated with Comcast because we have 9-5 jobs and have to call late in the evening after we've gotten home, cooked dinner and put children to bed. By that time, yes, in light of the unprofessional and inept service that Comcast provides, we ARE frustrated. Multiple phone calls yielding no results WILL make us angry. If Comcast didn't have such a monopoly in many areas, many of us would have left that racket a long time ago and moved to another service provider. As soon as I move to a city with options, Comcast will no longer be a service I use.
After setting up auto-pay on the Comcast website, several billing periods went by without deducting the money from my account. I noticed after the first one. I took the initiative to call Comcast (we don't all sit on the couch, stuffing ourselves with food, watching tv all day, failing to pay our bills as you seem to think - most of us do work and pay attention to our bills, which is how we discover Comcast's f**k ups). When I called, Comcast told me "oh, it takes another billing period for it to kick in, but your balance is set to be deducted tomorrow actually." I thanked him (Yes, when it appears that our problem is resolved and the CSR is polite, professional, and seemingly helpful, we CAN be polite and thankful in return). That was almost a month ago. I came home today to finish a project and submit it through email. When I went to email it, my Internet was down. I called Comcast. I was told by a rather abrasive woman that my bill was unpaid and in its third billing cycle, so my Internet was shut off. I had a right to be pissed off. I told the CSR about my set up auto pay and my previous phone call and the substance of that call. Oh, she said, it shows up here that you called but has no detail of your conversation. I also see that you set up auto-pay about two months ago; well it takes around a month and a half for it to actually start working. WHERE WAS THIS NOTIFICATION ON THE WEBSITE?! I wouldn't have bothered to set it up if it was going to cause this many problems. I informed her that the rep I spoke with, told me that my bill was set to be deducted the day after I spoke with him. Her response was again, well it doesn't say here that you were told that. So what was she implying, I am a liar?! That is what is wrong with you f**king customer "service" people: you don't want to believe us. That is great. Piss off your customers and drive us away. The best part is that my auto pay set up was visibly in the system but I was treated like a deadbeat because the automated system is slow and deficient and I had been given incorrect information by the first guy I called. This company is awful. This is a racket and a monopoly that needs to be shut down. At the very least, Comcast needs to fire a lot of "customer service" employees and revamp its internal communication. I obviously intended to pay my bills through autopay. It would have been nice to have a) gotten the right information on the website b) gotten the right information from the customer service rep and c) gotten and email or a phone call before Internet was shut off to tell me "hey, we see that you have autopay set up but it still hasn't kicked in (b/c we suck) so you need to make ANOTHER one time payment before it does. But that's not the Comcast way. Burn Comcast.

Thank you Jennifer for letting us vent about this awful evil company!

comcast sucks balls

Hey Jennifer, I appreciate your post on this site as I also have very similar feelings about comcast customer support. I have a whole blog about it and I have placed your story on my blog at;

Check it out!

comcast sucks balls

Hey Jennifer, I appreciate your post on this site as I also have very similar feelings about comcast customer support. I have a whole blog about it and I have placed your story on my blog at;

Check it out!

no one imparticular

I'd like to start off by saying i appreciate all the nice customers that call in and are polite and patient with us on the phones at midnights, as i understand we at the national level hcan do very little but we do try to help. as for theose of you that call in screaming because your 90days past due and have some "extreme medical issue" that requires your phone or internet services, you can still access 911 emergency services while in a pending disconnect (when your stuff doesnt work but your phone calls us)so suck it up and pay your bill!(you wouldnt have this problem if you kept up with common sense--you have to pay it once a month whether or not you recieve a bill in the mail-- ) As an employee third party to comcast i work the midnight shift and I have to say to all the idiots that call in at 3 am we know you want someone local but you should understand that local means open when your lazy american butts decide to get off your f*ing couches to go to work, which means between 9am-5pm for the most part, so don't complain when you get a rep from canada, then say we're stupid, Hey I have an IQ of 160 and i have a life outside of my TV! who'd have thought there was such a thing, it's not much wonder almost all of michigan is on WELFARE, your all too lazy to fix your own goddamn issues and get the hell off the couch.
Yes, it seems insensitive, but at least i have a job, and a life, plus you all seem to convieintly just gotten "out of the hospital" I probably have more medical ailments then you and I don't even have that excuse for not paying my bills, oh and i hold down a 40+ hour a week job listening to you complain about stupid sh*t.
cable is not the end all be all to life and if it is maybe you should go hide in a closet listening to EMO music eating corn chips and cutting yourselves.

I have a point, now think about it


Comcast is a Fraud. They hire Sub-Contractors, who hire fellons, rejects and all other trash. Most of them are pissed because they haven't been paid. I talked to a guy who had been fired by the Contractor, but still had his ID. Who are we letting into our homes?? Comcast is not concerned about this. Then we still get horrible service. Boxes with roaches in them. Over inflated bills. At@t should get off their asses and take control - give us quality service, with employees that give a Damn!

joe Long

Comcast sucks! They intentionally lie and decieve, and then deny they did anything wrong. After being promised there would be no additional charges, they charged me $25 dollars for adding a $5 additional service to my total cable.
We need Congress to pass a bill breaking the franchise system where only one cable option is available to the consumer. It's a legal monopoly and the grounds on which Comcast shows no concern for the best interests of their customers, and screws them whenever the opportunity arises!
They need to be stomped on like the insects they are-their charges are unconscionable. Their day of reconing is at hand!

Comcast Sucks


I feel your pain.

Comcast exists because it has no one (or very few) able to challenge its monopoly status. That's why they have little incentive to improve customer service. I wish they would take the money they spend on those commercials and use it to help their customers out!


I hate comcast too. We are having issues with them as well. We got a new phone line through them. Then what do you know...they canceled our bundle service. Our bill was over $400.00!!!!! I called them today and they said that once it has been a year the bundle is canceled, you (the customer) is supposed to call and reactiveate it. Would have been nice if someone told me this. The worker even said you cant tell the the bundle isnt active by looking at the bill. I asked her what happens about the extra money we had been paying for the past couple of months. She told me basically that it was my loss. Obviously I am not going to accept that answer and I asked to talk to her manager. I was on hold for 20 mins!!! I swear they put people on hold and hope that they will hang up! I wasnt going to. They then offered to credit the account the ammount that we have over paid. She said that she was going to put us back on the bundle. Well, I get off the phone with her and an hour later I decided to check the weather on TV. Guess what?!?! We didnt have any cable.... Wonderful service....


The best part about Comcast is how they give back to the community. I can't think of another multi-million or billion dollar corp who has created so many jobs for the mentally handicapped. I know I have talked several times with a severely mentally challenged employee who was of absolutely no help at all, except for instructing me to unplug everything, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in. All in all I am just grateful that at this day in age there are real employment opportunities for so many challenged people.

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