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February 15, 2005



Does anyone know if Comcast will be carrying The Ski Channel? I have not heard mention if they will be carrying it.


MC Murphy

I just spent an hour on the phone with comast so I could downgrade my service and essentially pay more for less channels (promo offer ended and they can't extend) and then they have the nerve to charge me $20 to have the technician come out. This is what a monopoly feels like and it stinks.


As it was not bad a enough that the technician has to come to your house to make any changes to your services they can't tell you the time he is coming but a window of four hours (which for me is half of a work day). I was very dissapointed that they couldn't tell me what time he was coming in, finally we agreed the window of Friday between 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm, so no bad I would just have to take 45 minutes of from work. They told me they would call me 24 hours before my appointment but never got the call, so I called this morning only to find out that the changed my window to 4:00 to 7:00 pm, so I now have to take an hout an a half of my work becuase they couldn't guarantee he was going to be at my house after 4:30 pm. I decided to play with my luck and be at home at 4:30 pm, hoping he won't show on time. Wish me luck


Thought I would also vent my frustration with Comcast as well.
I moved into a new home and called to be connected to Comcast cable and internet.
All went well but the installer said the buried cable was bad.
He laid out a new cable across my yard
and stated the cable would be buried within two weeks.
After a month and the cable still laying in the yard I call Comcast to find out the installer never scheduled to have the cable buried.
Comcast had someone out to bury the cable within a week.
The job was done while I was at work.
I notice about a week later my gutter downspout bashed in and the siding damaged right where the cable was run.
I notify Comcast about it and they said someone would call me back.
A Comcast representative stated they would come by my home to evaluate the damage.
This representative never showed but instead the subcontractor who buried the cable.
I basically had to settle for them just repairing the downspout.
I called Comcast back and was told they are not responsible for the actions of the subcontractors they hire.
I asked for some type of compensation from Comcast for all the aggrivation and was quickly turned down.
I was told they didn't damamge my home the subcontractor did.
Comcast sucks, if it weren't for the trees in my yard I would have gladly stayed with Directv.
I had them for 10 years and no problems at all.


I also HATE comcast- i had written to the head of comcast customer service about my horrible customer experience with a service lady only to have that lady call me the next day about my e-mail, in which she never even apologized or fixed the problem!


I think that comcast has such pitiful customer service is that the people that work on the phones are treated like crap. I should know I worked for them for 4 years. Time after time we were told we were the lowest form of life and if you didn't like it quit. At least if you can say do you want fries with that, you would be treated with respect. respect something comcast needs to learn. Too bad the god at comcast is money not the people that make it for them


I am, most unfortunately, a Comcast customer and I believe they are, in all honesty, the devil. When I lived in Philadelphia, a few months ago, they were not the devil. all the service I received was prompt and courteous. My installation happened on time and my cancellation was even quicker.

Then I moved to Connecticut.

It all went downhill. To Mr. Post from 2005 talking about how customer bad days make customer service unbearable, let us keep in mind I was having a GREAT day. Paid every two weeks, life going well, fulfilling job, but then Comcast.

I called in the middle of June to set up an installation for the following week, while I would be on vacation. I had to ask a coworker to wait at my place during the "time frame" so the installation could occur.

Nobody from Comcast showed.


Oh, because even though the WORK ORDER said to call phone number A, they called MY cell phone and I was out of the country.

Upon my return, I called, livid, as I'd not only come back to no service, but my coworker had wasted her time in an apartment with no television, internet, or phone service. Lucky her.

At that point I dismissed Comcast and called EVERY other provider I could think of. None of them serviced my area. Not even Verizon. It was like my street was Comcast only. So I had to go through the motions, again, to get service.

Once the installer guy FINALLY came (and he spoke little English), he installed everything but did not do a test call to make sure the phone worked. When I went to use the phone, after he'd left (as I had to return to work because I don't spend my days at home), I noticed I had no dial tone. Now, Comcast man had plugged in one of his test phones and called my cell phone, so I figured it was ok. Clearly not. So I called customer service, pissed again because this was my hundredth phone call to them about some pissy job they'd done.

The ignorant dropout (no offense to dropouts who are NOT ignorant) on the other line told me I had to set up a time to have someone come back out to see what the problem was because she couldn't fix it on her end. I explained to her that I was not inclned to waste another 4 hours of my time with them and that someone in tech services needed to get on the ball. She got an attitude, I got an attitude, and I hung up.

I then called my friend who works for Comcast, in Boston, and explained my problem. He, bless his heart, had my problem solved in 5 minutes. Come to find out, Comcast man had plugged the cables into my modem improperly. All I needed to do was switch them. Really? And ignorant dropout couldn't have told me this?

So, fast forward to today; I wanted to sign up to pay my bill online. Simple enough. Too bad, after filling out the form, I have to wait for my PIN in the mail. I signed onto the online help chat to see if I could call someone or have them give me the PIN number so I could make a payment. Ali Baba tells me no. The FCC prevents them for giving information over the online help chat. Hmpf, not very helpful, because, really, who is going to steal my account number to pay my bill? I think Id notice if they switched the address to give themselves service as I wouldn't have it anymore. There is nobody to call, nobody to write, and no way for me to pay my bill before Comcast decides to put my PIN in the mail.

WHY must they make life so difficult???


Another frustrated hater of Comcast. This past winter, when Sacramento experienced "big wind", Comcast television AND internet service was out for three whole days. Did we get a credit - oh no. Then my very limited, but expensive Comcast started getting squirrelly, or should I say Slowsky. Not often am I able to have attachments actually go with an email. I'm talking relatively small attachments, Word docs, maybe 8 to 10K in size. Such luxuries are afforded on my FREE Hotmail that has much huger storage AND predictive addressing.

I have called to get a fix on the attachment issue three times, and the CSR claims that they cannot escalate the call to someone who can fix it. They take all of my information, stating that a tech will contact me. HA! In which lifetime? And THEN, they will close the call with "Did you know that for $5.00 less a month you can also have phone service?". Poor CSR's just following their script, and have to listen to derisive laughter and the response "Since I am calling to complain about low end service, do you really think that I would put all of my eggs in one basket?".

Inevitably I will get off of the phone and see some Comcast commercial that is slamming AT&T, to my amusement.

Jim Bob

I am moving to a new residence on August 3rd.  On July 21st I went online to move my service.  After going through most of the process I was told by the Comcast movers edge representative that I could not put in the transfer order because the current resident service had not been turned off yet.  Even though the current resident had put in a disconnect order in for the 25th I would have to wait until after the 25th.

On July 27th I go back online and start the process all over again.  After repeating everything again because Comcast has no way to save the previous work I am told that I can not complete the order because I have a past due bill.  I am told as soon as I pay the bill they can process the order provided I have my payment conformation number.

On July 28th I pay my bill and get the payment conformation number.  After paying my bill I again go online to transfer my service.  After going through the entire process a 3rd time I am told that they can not complete my order because I have to wait 24 to 48 hours after I make my payment for them to take my order. 

Now I am upset because I pretty sure I will not get my service transfered on the day I need it transfered.  But I wait.

On July 31 I go back online, fill out the transfer order and start chatting with the movers edge representative.  Just happens to be the same rep I chatted with on the 27th,  Emma Rosa, cbu34577, so I express that I was upset with her for telling me false information about my payment.  Her response was that she did not remember our conversation.  So we go through the entire process and she tells me that I can have my service transfered on the 3rd.  I double check with her and ask her to repeat the info and make sure that I can have my service turned on on the 3rd.  She says yes sir it will be done on the 3rd and I will send you a conformation email stating this.  I ask her when I would get the email and she says about 30 mins because she has to put all the information in it.  So I say ok and goodbye and go to spend time with my family.

This morning I go to check my email and get the conformation email telling me that my new service will be turned on on the 6th.  Not the 3rd like I was told and confirmed. 

Now I have to suffer with no phone, internet or TV because I was lied too by comcast CSRs.  All of this could have been avoided if the first CSR I had chatted with had told me about he past due bill and the 24 to 48 hour waiting period.  I could have paid the bill on the 22nd and transfered my service on the 27th with plenty of time to get an instillation slot on the 3rd.  But no, I have to suffer because Comcast does not properly train their workers.

There is a way for comcast to make this right.  The place I am moving to has working service we know that as the previous service was just turned off.  I have a cable modem and I know how to attach the cable to it.  Comcast could be nice and program the MAC address of my modem into their database on the 3rd even though the tech won't be out for a few days.  Lets fact it the tech is going to check the line signal and then call back to the office and tell them to turn on my service.  I use Linux so there is no software to download or configure.  All they have to do to make this right is turn on my service on the third and then send out the tech to check everything on the 6th.  But NOOOO they will not do that.  I'm sorry sir we can not do that, the tech has to look at the lines and make sure the service that was working just 7 days before is still working.  The tech is not going to do anything but make a phone call.  I will have the modem hooked up and my computers hooked up before they get there.  Why can they not do that?  Because their procedures do not allow them too.  That is right, there is no physical reason why they can not turn on my service the day I was promised.  They will not do it because they do not have a procedure for fixing the problems that they created in the first place.

So what has comcast done to make a very unhappy customer happy?  NOTHING, that is right they have done NOTHING except to say I'm sorry you have had so many problems.  They have it in their power to fix this and they will not... 

YOU SUX COMCAST.....I will be posting this story every place on the internet that I can and any other outlet that will listen...
P.S.  I called the comcast office to find out who I can lodge a complaint with about the lack of service I received from the CSR.  Well the supervisor at the local office just called me back to tell me there is no number or person to talk to.  That is right, if a comcast CSR does a crappy job there is nothing you can do.
P.S.S.  I was also just informed by the supervisor that the CSR messed up my order and was going to charge me $52.50 for the Basic TV service that I have.  I am currently paying $14.95 for basic TV service and sure do not want to pay that increase so he fixed that.  And another thing is the CSR NEVER informed me about ANY instillation charge or the fact that I would have to pay my first months service up front when it was turned on.  So now not only am I not getting my service on the day I was confirmed to get but I have to pay up front and extra for the move.  Also if I had not called the office I would have been charged an extra $37.55 for a service I did not even order.
I found out that I should have access to FIOS and wireless within 6 months and I will be telling comcast where they can put their service at that time....


I am unable to think of any business with which I have had dealings that is more deplorable than Comcast. Moreover, I know of no other company that has so little interest in accountability or accurate knowledge of customer satisfaction. The day Verizon lays the FIOS cable in my neighborhood, I throw Comcast out.


comcast is off the wall...our location has comcast willow grove (suburban philly)...we have premium channels and so needed the basic hd box when these channels went hd (hbo, for example)...and of our various tv's (all cable-ready), one doesn't have the box and so only pulls in the basic 100+ problem...the first one was free, $9 for additional, self-installed and so no installation fee...simply, huh? But my son will be renting a house the Temple U campus with three other buddies...Comcast Philly is an entirely different planet...aside from the absurdly high installation fees for a house which is already cable ready, we've now received 4 different prices from four different reps. Apparently in Philly these students are forced to get the basic hd box even for basic cable (no premium channels) and to top it off there will be a charge of $17.95 PER BOX(!) for a technician to come ou and install the same boxes we self-installed, which isn't permitted there...all this to connect a cable from the wall jack to the box, and a cable from the box to the tv...rocket science, huh?no way around it...WHAT A RIP OFF! So much for quasi-regulated monopolies that can't even give us the same numbers each time we call...went on-line to chat with a rep about packages and this rep gave us yet a other figure for what the amount would be and after asking her a number of questions which she couldn't answer she finally ended the call telling me to call the 800# after spending nearly 30 minutes of my time with her alone.


Comcast certainly does suck. They came into the Western Mass area as a cable company. Every 6-8 months they increase their rates, accompanied with the removal of 3-6 channels. The last removal was the last straw! WHY did they remove channels? So Internets subscribers could get more bandwidth! WHO CARES? You're a CABLE COMPANY in a small town.

So, goodbye Comcast! Friday I get Direct TV, 4 times the channels for $10 less a month!


As a marketer, I have never been so insulted or have I ever dealt with such a disgraceful company as Comcast. I recently relocated to the NJ area and ordered Comcast's bundle package consisting of cable, internet and PHONE service.

On the day of my appointment, of course, the technician doesn't show, or at least to my knowledge, he never showed. After I waited up until 30 minutes before the end of my scheduled 4 hour window, I decided to call. I was told that the technician called my phone number at 9:30 am and company policy says "if no one answers the phone, then we don't ring the door bell." I thought to myself about how STUPID a policy that one thinking is this, I'm primarily on a cell phone (in a brick building) my signal drops or sometimes it doesn't ring at all. Despite that, I was having a bundled package installed because I need a PHONE line.

DirectTV has never looked so good to me, I should have listened to my family and friends from the beginning. A true lesson learned.

fed up

I cannot stand comcast. Insight was so much better. I cannot count the number of times they have screwed up. Their online support is absolutely awful. There customer service does not have the ability or the brains to solve simple problems. Their online billing is laughable. It offers no history or break down. There communication between departments is nonexistant. As soon as I have a good alternative, I will switch and never come back.

Comcast Customer Care (Chicago Area)

I was a Customer Care Specialist from Comcast Chicago Area for a year and a Sprint PCS Specialist for 3 years since 9/11, and I can say that this is like other companies. Go google and search for every big company: DirecTV, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Bank of America, Nokia... no matter if is a cable, bank, phone or any services, always will be a lot of angry customers. Why? Most of times because they are ignorants (avoiding harder words...) can you belive it? Take a look to this experiences...

An afro-american woman called in, requesting Playboy channel. I informed about the price: $16.99
She get mad and says that she heard about can take PB channel and more for $5.00. I told her that only Latino Plan had it.. She say textually and with that afro-american characteristic attitude:

- Latino Plan?
- Yes, ma'am. It calls 'Selecto Completo'
- Are you telling me that there is a Latino plan?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Oh, yeah? Well, I want an afro-american plan, and I want it now!
- Excuse me?
- Yeah! An afro-american plan! If you have a Latino and no Afro-American, that's racists...
- Ma'am... do you speake other lenguague than english?
- Of course not!

Then I had to explain that Latino Plan is for spanish speakers... but if she want to, can get it! (She didn´t)

Not joking!!


Simple: a guy called it, bc can make calls... after 30 frustrating minuts on the line, and the costumer really mad because the cellphone doesn´t work... he said the key words...

"I don´t hear the line and i cannot call..."

The line????? YES!! You're right!! This amazing stupid guy say that the phone doesn't work because when he pick up (literally) IT DOESN´T MAKE LINE NOISE!! Like landlines... no no no no...

Anyway.. the problem is: There's a lot of people!! Millions! Now, some part of the service will get issues.. it's normal. But, if there's a lot of customers, a lot of problems... that's it. Do you really think that we did not try our best to fix your problem?? Our supervisor take in count time per call... plus, there are more bad comments that good commets... Why? Because the customer don't care about the people that is dealing with millions of yelling people every day!! We are there in your day off, we are there if we are sick, we are there no matter if is raining or snowing, we are there to help you, we are there 24/7, we are there on weekends (including supervisors: only really big managers doesn´t work on sundays), we are there when you want to see a box fight (we miss it)... but you know what? We are not there to be cursed, we are not there to get yelled, we are not there to be insulted...

We are just people like you, trying to do the best we can. And belive me, it´s very stressfull.

Finally i just want you to keep this in mind. There are specialists (like in other jobs) that don´t really care, it's true. But I encourage you... if you get bad customer service.. COMPLAIN!! Take name and request a supervisor! But... if you consider have GOOD customer service, call back and request a Supervisor... I GIVE US A GREETING!! We will REALLY appreciate.

Take care!

Mary Edwards

How dare Comcast's subcontractor J & E Enterprises think they can tresspass on my property, dig up my lawn and tell me:
"On July 1st 2008 we will digging up your property" I said "I think NOT" Then this punk had the nerve to tell me " you have no choice in the matter, we will contact the police and have you arrested if you interfere" I proceeded to throw this punk off my property. I then called the owner of this scam business and he told me the same thing. Last I remember this is Toms River, NJ NOT Communist China, Cuba or Nazi Germany.

I have written my local polititions and after knocking on door onh my block it appears the entire naborhood is up in arms. We ALL are pissed. I called your executive team and they are so uninterested. I am now looking at the legalities of permits applied for. And the legalities of digging up the right-of-ways. You may not need a permit to dig up an easement BUT you sure as hell need a permit to dig a right-of-way. We will be watching and as soon as your paid jokers touch a drop of ashfault or concrete your sub-contractor is in a world of trouble!!!!!

How dare your company do this. We on my Street are counting down the days till I can disconnect you and sign up for Verizon FIOS!!!!!!

I'm sure just just as uninterested as your comcast team.


Thanks for another place to vent about Comcast. I am convinced their execs do not listen to customers. I think they tell customers anything just to get them to go away.

Santa Fe, NM is constantly lagging far behind in rolling out HD channels. The lastest group of HD channels to get to Albuquerque included CNN HD, Disney HD, ABC Family HD, and Science HD. We still do not have TBS in HD. Upper management has told me to expect all the channels except TBS to be added by June 30, but the people in the Santa Fe office tell me that there are no plans to add any more HD channels in Santa Fe.

So, do we get more HD channels or not? It depends upon who you talk to on any given day. At this point, I am not counting on getting any additional channels in Santa Fe.

Robert Wonish

Another classic example of horrible customer service. My cable internet service has been down two weeks. When i called to schedule an appointment over a week ago, the first time they could send someone out was June 3 from 5pm - 8pm. So i left work early to be home in time, after 8 crept by, i called to find out what was going on. The technician had notated my account that no one answered the apt on the first floor of building 6 (too bad i am on the 2nd floor of building 7). So to keep with their traditions, the local customer service number i called in houston had transferred me to a call service in louisiana. Even though they were able to see the comments just left by the technician, they have no way to reach the technician (they just don't have a phone number to call them) they can just send an email...that wont be responded or received till tomorrow. So why is one of the biggest telecom companies in the US telling me that they can't even call their own service technicians? why are they so incompetent. Its absolutely ridiculous how much they don't even care or seem to try.

Louis Raritan

As a field technician I can tell you how difficult it can be to find and fix your cable problem. Ive been doing this awhile and have seen my fair share of crawl spaces, attics, dog poop infested backyards, wasp infested pedestals, angry dogs, ignorant customers etc. Ive come to this conclusion.....Your all a bunch of bratz. I make a meager pay, work on weekends and get it from both sides....customers and comcast. Ive had customers lie for free service, computers, tv's and vcr's. My advice is that you don't make appointments on weekends or after 5pm because we too have homes and families. Oh yeah, what will you do when we all quit because comcast and you both suck. Pay me appropriately, don't ask me to work on weekends, demand a safer work environment for comcast employees and for god sakes, clean your house...take out the trash and pick up your dog poop.


I have wasted hours of my life dealing with this comopany. They have the all time WORST customer service. We have phone, internet and cable with them. They called our phone line, which they were coming to repair, when the technician was outside. I was inside, and they didn't ring my doorbell! They didn't show for the next apt, and instead noted on the account that they fixed the problem. I informed them that it wasn't fixed, and I would know since I am the customer. But, they insisted it was. I agree, I WAS sane before dealing with them. We still don't have our issue resolved, and I am on hold right now (which I have been for 30 minutes already). I HATE!!! COMCAST!!!!


I called a month in advance to have my cable box picked up. "We'll be out between the hours of 9 and 5" they said. At 4:30 I called them and they promised to be at the house.

Oh, did I mention that we were MOVING on the day of the pick up? Every Comcast person I talked to knew that.

Next day, we wake up ready to drive out of the parking lot and I call Comcast. Customer service actually said, "I am not here to help you, but to schedule another pick up." I asked who could help me, and she said no one could help me. I asked to speak to a supervisor, she said, "Fuck you."

Such great help!

I Was Sane Before I had Comcast

Comcast Hammers of the World Unit!!!

(if you don't know the comcast hammer story - search engine it. It's worth the read.

Stop JUST short of the hammer - the poor women driven INSANE because of comcasts customer illiteracy is in jail)

WHAT A JOKE. I LIKE TO BLOW OFF STEAM CALLING THEM AND SPEWING VENOM. IF you are having a bad day, save your husband, your kids, your dog..... Call Comcast customer service. They can hang up if you curse, but DON'T!!! Just make up some - What am I saying - JUST TELL THEM ABOUT THEIR SERVICE!!

You will feel so much better afterwards.

I WAS sane before Comcast.

Comcast Sux

I left Comcast years ago for Direct TV, will never go back. Every time someones asks about Internet or complains about Comcast. I push them to Verizon FIOS or Direct TV or RCN.

Comcast has a stronghold on the city of Philadelphia because the city is on the take and won't allow competition in the city against Comcast.

They use the teams they own like the Flyers which only come on Comcast to strong hold fans into buying Comcast and being raped. Slowly they will lose fans to this as people of Philadelphia become educated.

Many Flyer fans are moving on to other Services and passing on watching the Flyers games.

Bill in Kennetty Square

I got rid of Comcast back in February (2008). The problem is that they will not refund the $74 they owe me. So even when you get rid of them they continue to fill negative space in your life.

Tom in Atlanta

We live in a condo and one of the services provided was Comcast TV. We tried it, found the signal quality and programming lacking. Went back to DirecTV. The condo Assoc canceled Comcast. Now Comcast is billing me directly for a service I’ve never used. Have called twice and have been told they will resolve the issue. so far I continue to be billed for no service.

We originally went with DirecTV because we couldn’t get comcast to repair the cable on the pole. Called for over a year. They claimed it was repaired. When we discontinued the servce the deinstaller came out to disconnect at the pole. He shouted down to me, “hey did you know the conector is broken up here” I responded I did and had been trying to get it repaired for over a year:-( Talk about customer no service….. Comcast SUCKS!!!!

Jeremy Gilbert

I forgot to add this to my post above.

Why is it that I get mail from Comcast a couple of times a week, trying to get me to be a Comcast customer. HELLO, I AM A COMCAST CUSTOMER!!!! Shouldn't they know that? Couldn't they save us a little money by saving themselves a little money on junk mail? It is absolutely ridiculuous that they don't know that my address receives cable and internet. What's more, the mail is always offering good deals that are way better than my current rates. It is like a slap in the face.
Hey, we know you are already a customer, but we thought you might want to see the great deal we are offering to new customers. No matter that you have been a customer for 10 years. We are going to keep charging you outrageous rates that go up every 6 months so we can pay for these promotions that we offer to our new customers. That is essentially what they are saying to me by sending me this junk mail. Come on Comcast, get it together.

Comcast, what a company.

Jeremy Gilbert

I am a Comcast customer, and I am seriously considering cancelling. Their customer service is absolute crap! I spoke with an agent about 1 month ago, and he offered me a trial period of an internet connection with 8 MB/s download speed. I asked him if it would cost anything, and he said, "No." Then, I asked him if all of a sudden my bill would be higher at the end of the trial period, and he said he was making a note to have it automatically removed. Well, first off, no way did my download speeds increase. Second, my bill already increased, one month later! That agent outright lied to me. That should be illegal, really. It is fraudulent, and I am fed up with Comcast crap! Last month, the my payment and a bill they sent crossed in the mail. The bill said, "If payment has been sent, disregard this bill." So, I disregarded the bill. Well, a few weeks later, I get another bill with a late fee that was charged one week before I received the bill. How am I supposed to pay my bill when I haven't received it? How is it that they charge a late fee BEFORE they send the bill? What kind of business are they running? I spoke with another agent about this, and she wouldn't budge, she kept telling me that I didn't understand, when she was the one that didn't understand. My internet is slow, the picture quality has always been horrible, the service is overpriced, and the customer service sucks. Why in the hell do I continue with this company? I don't think I will continue to support a company that treats their customers like this.

Dan Brot

I hate COMCAST!!! Worst video quality I have ever seen no matter where in Maryland you live. Customer Service even worse.

Robert Deason

Comcast is a monopoly in my hometown, which is Tuscaloosa, AL. Between Sept. of '06 and Oct. of '07, I had problems with the HD quality of my cable. Numerous calls were made (at least 10) and each time a technician (different one almost every time) came out, they gave me a different reason for the problem. None of them paid attention to me telling them that it only happened when it rained. I guess I failed to realize that you needed to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. They replaced every splitter in my house and even added another line to service my TV's and internet upstairs.
Finally I covertly got the head technician's cell number and within a month the problem was fixed. The problem was an open cable about a block away. They gave me a month's service as a "thank you" for staying with them.
In late Feb. of this year, I returned to my home office around 1pm and discovered that I didn't have internet service. Remember, they installed another line to service my upstairs area. My wife was downstairs watching TV, as she was recuperating from knee surgery. I told here about the internet and she told me she thought she had heard something outside near the crawl space access where, by the way,the cables enter my house. I didn't put it all together until a technician arrived the next day and we discovered a "hired gun" hired by Comcast to catch cable thieves had crawled under my house and disconnected and locked the line they had installed going to my upstairs area. He told me they were not supposed to go on my property, but disconnect lines at the road. So he trespassed on my property to disconnect something that Comcast had installed so Comcast could spend the money to have their man reinstall it.
On April 3rd I foolishly decided to add their phone service. They set an appointment for April 17th between 8 and 12. At 1 pm I called them to find out where they were. I was told they were running behind and would be there shortly. At 5 pm I called again and was told they were running behind and would be there shortly. (sounds like a script doesn't it) I told them I did not want them to come that day as I had already wasted my day waiting and it was "Miller Time". They promised to have a dispatcher call. I told them not to do anything until I rescheduled.
After not ever hearing from them, I decided to stay with my present service if this was an indicator of Comcast Service, which as this incident progressed, I remembered the past problems.
On April 23rd, a technician showed up at my house to install the phone service. Remember, I had never been made aware of the "appointment". I informed him that because of the problems, I had decided to leave well enough alone and stay with AT&T. He said "I don't blame you" and agreed that I had made the correct choice.
On April 24th, I received a call on my cell from my sister wanting to know what was wrong with my phone. No one can call in, as the recording says "this line is no longer in service" but I can call out.
After numerous calls to AT&T, they just told me that Comcast had "ported" my number after I cancelled the request with them. By the time I get my service back, it could be between 6 and 14 days without service because of their poor service.
At this time I haven't decided my next move and am going to think it through for a few days before I do anything.
I am seriously contemplating Direct TV and DSL for the future.
I read an article a few days back about a guy that now works for Comcast reading blogs about Comcast. I hope he reads this and repsponds to me, as I can't even talk to anyone that doesn't have a script in front of them.


Comcast may have a huge press blitz on regarding their “Big Push” to repair its image, unfortunately other than pay a good PR specialist I don’t think they have done anything to change their monopolistic user unfriendly ways. As a senior citizen I am on a limited income. The only time my TV is on is during football season yet the money grubbing, greedy monopoly that Comcast is insists that I pay over $70 a month just to get ESPN as part of a package that I don’t need any other channels from. These rates recently went up. How about a football package like the hockey package they offer. No. That wouldn’t get as much money into corporate hands.
We have to stop this monopoly and call for a cable customer’s bill of rights. We need protection from the constantly increasing rates for decreasing service.

Jersey guy

So i've had Comcast for over 10 years and yes, I hate them. Mostly due to the bill tho; service has been acceptable, and Lord no, I don't use them for Internet !

So I'm in Florida, and Comcast took over the cable system down there. So I make sure I have the full HD service in the condo and lo and behold; CNN HD ! SciFi HD, History Channel HD Animal Planet HD !! Discovery HD ! MORE HD channels than here in Jersey !!! WTF ?! Why does Florida get MORE HD channels than NJ ?!?!
C'mon FiOS !!!!

Jersey guy

Jersey guy

So i've had Comcast for over 10 years and yes, I hate them. Mostly due to the bill tho; service has been acceptable, and Lord no, I don't use them for Internet !

So I'm in Florida, and Comcast took over the cable system down there. So I make sure I have the full HD service in the condo and lo and behold; CNN HD ! SciFi HD, History Channel HD Animal Planet HD !! Discovery HD ! MORE HD channels than here in Jersey !!! WTF ?! Why does Florida get MORE HD channels than NJ ?!?!
C'mon FiOS !!!!

Jersey guy

Will Kostelecky

This blog and the comments are too funny! I have been working since last Wednesday (7 days ago at this writing) to get a CableCard working with my Tivo and I am not sure that I am even close. I do have a two page log of the contacts and service calls that have been made that I will post assuming this saga ever comes to an end. BTW, I dont really have any other choices for service other than Comcast given where I live (no Direct TV and no FIOS). If I had ANY other choice than Comcast I would NOT be working with them.


I have the same feelings as everyone else. The last straw was when I called them about them raising their rates every couple months their response to me was 'TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT'. So what do you think I did. I am now a very satisfied customer of VERIZON FIOS for 2 years now.
A follow up to this is that Comcast used to televise all Philadelphia sports games on Comcast SportsNet. Now that Verizon has the rights to that station now Comcast is switching more and more games to CN8 which is exclusive to Comcast. They hope that they can draw more Verizon customers back to them. That will never happen here. COMCAST SUCKS


I hate Comcast more everyday and thank God that I'm one step closer to moving to an area where they aren't. I thought de-regulation was supposed to spur competiton but all it's done is double or triple my bill. If only my wage increased like cable prices.


People: After reading all your comments I advise, wait 'til you try Verizon !!!!


I've always hated Comcast. I decided once to get their phone service. Took them 4 visits to get their own service working properly.
But tonight seems to prove how bad their Customer Service is: I haven't had cable for almost 2 hours now. It simply vanished at one point. I've tried calling their local office, and all I get is busy. I've also tried calling their national 800 number, and, after a few choices and about 30 second on hold, I get a message saying "please try calling back later," which hangs up on me.
I'm not trying it online, with someone that apparently has no idea what to do, and it's taking forever to give me any information.
While one would imagine that all info would be available in one point nowadays, so all customer service/tech people could easily check, apparently that's not the case at Comcast. :(


I too wish to add my name to the growing list of angry & frustrated Comcast customers. I've never hated a company as much as I hate Comcast. I wish someone could put them out of business. Where's the competition????

Daniel Alexander

I just have to add my name to the list of people that "hate Comcast". You all seem to already know why, but let me recap.

1. I pay for Cable TV access and they give me that, but they are geared to push advertisements upon me to a degree that disrupts me TV watching experience. I have to read their ads every time I switch channels and they think that they are doing a service to me by compiling information about my watching behavior and monitoring my web and computer usage (through spyware) so that they can push more ads upon me. I understand that TV has ads (though it used to be that you got cable TV to avoid ads), but Comcast is ridiculous to the point of being classified as spam. They spam their customers to the point of agony.
2. They are NOT unlimited usage. They have a little “Secret Police” branch of their company that harass the top 10% (or so) of their power user clients. Eventually you will run into this group and when you try to find out how to solve the problem your mind will start to hurt by the shear illogical nonsense that they spew out. “You’re using too much bandwidth, but we don’t have any cap on bandwidth usage, but you’re still using too much, but we can’t tell you how much is too much because there is no cap, and we can’t even tell you how much you are currently using since that might imply that we have a cap, but you are using too much, so we are going to suspend your service until you use less so that you are not using over the cap that does not exist since we are an unlimited service, but we also can’t tell you how much less you need to use”. It just makes your head hurt. Trust me, if they ever send you such an email or suspend your service, then just dump them and switch without trying to reason with them. It is just more painful to listen to them try to make 1+1=232. I don’t even understand what Comcast is thinking here. The top 10% of their power users are the people that other people talk too when they want computer advice. You get them mad or boot them off your service and they will take 10-20 other clients with them. I have gotten over 30 people to dump Comcast and I have a full list of other people that will switch just as soon as they have some other choice in their area (like FIOS). Plus these people know how to spread the news about how much they hate Comcast. Like this site and the many others out there. It is just stupid for any company to get these types of power users mad at them (like we are). We just don’t forget and we know how to hurt you by getting people to dump your service. It is just so stupid on top of stupid. They should start by firing all their “Secret Police” and making a public statement that they did so and that they will never dump clients based on usage. That might help things out for them.
3. Never install any software from them. Again, they are geared to collecting information about their clients so that they can force more ads down your throat. Still, even knowing that why would you want their spyware slowing down your computer usage? Now I can’t say that they still dump spyware on your computer, but I know that they did when they first installed on my computer. I ended up reinstalling the OS back then to get it off. There is zero reason for you to install anything they send you. You can use their service without installing anything. In any case, even if you avoid their spyware (if they still do that) they are still definitely monitoring your web usage and everything else you send through their servers (email, etc). And that all is used to push more ads down your throat.
4. Here is a new one. I suspect that they are now randomly rejecting emails from clients of other providers. When they block the email they try to get you to file an online report to get it unblocked and they ask you for a mess of personal information. The amount of irrelevant information they are collecting seems to demonstrate that they are just compiling information about the clients of other providers. So, be careful not to fill that information in, but do take that opportunity to let them know how much you hate their company and how nice it is that they highlight the names of your friends that still use their service by blocking your email. That way you can be sure to let your friends know that they should dump Comcast. So this is actually a good thing for those of us that dislike this company.

Now, I don’t really like Verizon much either, but I did switch over to FIOS. And though it hurts me to say this, I am very happy with Verizon FIOS. Packaging my internet, TV, and phone with FIOS saved me about $130 a month (mostly due to my phone service). Still, I now get a constant 19.7mbps where I used to get less then 5mbps from Comcast. My FIOS upload speeds are above 5mbps (Comcast was below 700kbps when I had their service). My TV looks brand new since FIOS has such a better image quality then Comcast. Plus, it used to take me over 2 sec to change channels on Comcast (near 3 seconds). It bothered me so much that I ended up disconnecting the Comcast cable box and just used the analog connection (of course I lost a lot of channels doing that). By the time I went through all the channels to find the best show to watch, the show was over and I had to start searching again for something else. My phone service is also pretty good (there are probably better and cheaper services, but not by much). It is unlimited calling to anywhere in the U.S. at all times. It is very easy for me to get friends and family to change over to FIOS, but it is not always available and as such some friends still need to stick with Comcast.

I can go on all day here, but you all pretty much know all this already. I really just wanted to add my name to the list, but I just can’t even think about this company without getting angry and typing in a few pages.

Disappointed in Houston

Having bought a house, I decided to try Comcast for cable TV and internet. A few days ago I called for service to be installed and was told I had an appointment today between 11 am and 2 pm. I called at 10 am to confirm and requested that the technician call me. I was told this was not possible, that I was at the mercy of the technician during that 3 hour slot. I took a long lunch from work in order to sit in the empty house waiting for this installation guy. He never showed up. I returned to work and got a call at 3:45 pm saying the technician was at the house. I told the lady I had been there during the appointed time and their tech never showed up. She just said she would inform him but made no attempt to reschedule, apologize, or explain what would happen next. What I would like to happen next is for Comcast to be obliterated.

What kind of company is unable to schedule a simple appointment at a specific time? If you allow them the grace of 3-hour appointment windows, what kind of company is unable to get a man to your house within that 3 hour window? What kind of way is this to treat a new customer, one who does not even have your service yet? This is definitely not a good sign and I will now consider using at&t DSL which I set up at my mom's house with good results and decent customer service.

To sum it up, I HATE Comcast. The sheer arrogance is astounding, treating customers as if their time is completely worthless. Today I wasted 3 hours waiting for their set-up man. I see many others have wasted far more time. I hate companies that waste my time.


Comcast is the worst company ever. Very disappointing to do business with.

Mr Frustrated

I hate comcast! The company should be heavily penalized for mis-treating its customers and providing sub-standard service.

Please shut this company down!

Rollie Johnson

I'm beginning to understand more and more....yes, "...Record Conversations For Quality Assurance Purposes"...
and I mean the customer!!!!(it's easy, stop at Radio Shack) and I do it when I know I'm being jacked around...and yes, you can do it too...the legal implications vary from state to state,
BUT, may or may not mean anything YET.
(unless maybe trying to prove contempt and then in some cases becomes admissable...) Make and Keep
your own calls & bills!!!


I can't stand Comcast ether. We have been fighting with them since Nov 07 to fix our cable and after the fourth person came out and said um well I dont know we got pissed. Then we transfer servie and instead of keeping the same account they open a new one and dont close the old one and come Decemeber 07 we get two bills. So here I am March 08 and four months later and guess what we still dont have a $116 credit from the old account and we have been told by 9 people they will fix it and call us in 48hrs if it isnt. Yes they have credited us for our troubles $25 for three months but wait O all the sudden I get my new bill and those credits have become an unpaid balance and they are threatened to turn off my service!! WTF!!!!! Then we get billed for a service tech that didnt know what 2+2 was to come try to fix our cable box and eventually we cancelled digital cable. Comcast has the worst customer service I've ever seen next to Sprint!! If we could ever get our credits right I'm cancelling and they can shove that box where the sun no longer shines.. Don't ever use Comcast!!!

elliot smith

yeah, Comcast... sheesh.. where to begin... the service worked pretty well, but the phone system sucks... if your account is past due it refuses to connect you to the right department, instead it forces you over to billing, or in my case, for some reason, it would just disconnect me, so I had to use a calling card to block my caller ID so I could talk to the right department (customer service.) it's not that I didn't want to fix my billing issues.. I did... But comcast couldn't handle it... When I moved, they never told me they closed my account and gave me a new account number, so my bill payer service kept posting payments on my old comcast account. When I noticed it, and called to have the money transferred to the new comcast account.. they never could handle this.. it took forever... like.. months.. and many calls... everyone said it would happen.. but it never did.. simply amazing... oh yeah.. also.. my roommate wanted to set up an account in his name when I moved out... but comcast would refuse to even give him any pricing information or anything, until my account was closed... so even though I had a date scheduled for disconnect, it was not possible for my roommate to schedule a date to get connected... so the result was that my roommate had to go without internet service for a couple of weeks, because in my area they were busy so they could not schedule a connection the same day you call... and in this case, they refused to schedule a connection if he called in advance of his desired date, because my account hadn't been disconnected yet. I think they should take whoever runs comast, and put them in prison. Our society has no need for these people. they do us all more harm than good. I am dead serious. If we could get a law passed that would hold executives personally liable and accountable for this stuff, it would be a good thing. Only when they are faced with prison time will they straighten up their act. It's not like they are retarded or stupid. They just don't care. They could do much better, but they have other concerns.


I recently had a very frustrating experience trying to upgrade my services using the Comcast website. I wrote about this experience on my blog and received an apology call from the comcast corporate office within 24 hours. Within a week Comcast had installed my new services and waived the setup fee. To help others who may be experiencing a similar frustration, I have posted all the details at

outraged customer

I absolutely hate comcast! I am thrilled that you have this page to allow people to vent. My story is no different from anyone else's - I have had numerous bad experiences with Comcast. The entire so called "customer service" department should be arrested. I have had countless comcast reps LIE to me about over and over again whenever I need service. I have no faith in this company and remain outraged that they have a monopoly on the cable service in my area. Just today I even had a rep to admint that my most recent episode (which has been a two week ordeal!), has been mishandled from day 1. This go round has cost me a day of work - AND THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME!!!!!! I can honestly say that this company should not be in business and how management can sit by can continue to capitalize off thier bad service is a sin. They should be out of business!


I was visiting my tax consultant the other day and needed to get online to check some balances. I connected to an open (unsecured) internet connection and took care of business. Then it occurred to me that the connection I was using was also the strongest signal. I did some checking and found that my tax consultant's network was completely unsecured. I was able to browse her files (and her husband's contracting business PC's files) Further, her router was set to defaults and I was able to log in and see that at least two people had used her internet connection. All because Comcast came in and replaced her faulty (secured) router with a new one that was totally open to the world. I did secure her network, but who knows what information (if any) was stolen. Absolutely unacceptable.

glen and nancy

When we got Comcast because they bought out Insight, we traded In Natzism for Communism. Who knew?

Wendy in Berkeley

I finally got through to a responsive "corporate executive liaison" type person at Comcast, after repeated frustrations with the regular customer service reps. She was extremely responsive, reaching out to me about five times via phone and email and a hard copy letter (I should call her back and thank her, but based on past experience with Comcast, I'm scared; I know it's irrational, but when I think positively about them for one moment, they screw me in some other way; plus I am just exhausted from the battle of trying to get things straightened out). She spent quite a bit of time to make things right, but all that energy for one customer (me)...if only five of their reps expend 20% of that energy, five more of you guys out there would be less frustrated. Do that math Comcast! A bit simplified, but it makes my point. Anyway, although my battle with Comcast is mostly resolved, I want to let you know that there is indeed a group on Facebook for angry Comcast customers called "
I bet I can find 200,000 people who hate COMCAST!" Yes, that phrase between the quotes is the name. I don't like to blacklist a company, especially one that has made an attempt to right things for me (albeit very delayed attempt), but I think it will take a public outcry for them to change their system. Good luck to all of you. By the way, I think it helped in my case to email Rick Germano, the VP of Customer Service, which you can do from the Comcast website--Mr. Germano seems to be trying to deal with the massive customer dissatisfaction and taking a hands-on approach. I don't know if it's a PR stunt to allow you to email him, and it's not like I got a personal response from him, but my problem was addressed within 48 hours. I sincerely hope he sees the depth and breadth of his company's customer service problems.

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