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March 15, 2005



The latest Economist has an interesting article on customer co-creation. You can find it at


David Foster

I question how many companies "send market researchers out into the field to identify unmet needs," other than in the consumer products industries. The way it usually works in business-to-business companies is that unmet customer needs are usually identified via the field sales organization.

An alert, creative sales organization can be a very important factor in innovation.

Adam Fields

It's the same everywhere:

"Why did your product fail?"

"We didn't deliver what the customers actually wanted."

"By the time we were finished, the requirements were different from when we started, and we failed to accomodate that."

All companies should be doing this - it's called listening to your customers.


Doesn't this put the customer back squarely as the main focus of business, which contradicts your November post about the "ecosystem"? This is a connection with unadulterated feedback, bypassing professional filters such as yourself.

You may wish to revisit your earlier theme.Perhaps I misread it as a general boredom with hot trends and easy buzzwords.


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