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April 16, 2005


Diego Rodriguez

Please do blog about the conference!

I'm really interested to hear more about the concepts you mentioned in this post... wish I could have attended, too!

Yvonne DiVita

Hey Jennifer, I hesitate to follow Steven as I believe he considers Lip-sticking one of those airhead blogs...and he may be insulted that you and I are friends, but, so be it. He is right that YOU are an intelligent young lady and a strong leader for the rest of us.

steven streight vaspers the grate

Isn't it odd that philosophers don't have blogs?

Not that I know of, and I have searched for hours, only grad students seem to have blogs. There are a few philosopher blogs, but they are the exception, and oddly, they seem to be mostly in realm of anthopology and logistics, heavy specialized subjects.

Jacques Derrida once wrote an article called "An Email to Freud"--don't have the deep link direct URL handy, but it's on the Derrida Online site:

Derrida asked what psychoanalysis would have been like if email you know, Freud, Rank, Reik, Reich, etc. conducted much theorizing via postal mail, which took months I think to traverse the land and arrive at the destinations.

Derrida ponders how lightning velocity would have affected psychoanalysis.

Your acute and astute intellectualism is sadly rare, my beloved Jennifer. You are such a breath of fresh air from the less satisfying fluffy "blog consultant" air head blogs out there.

Please never dumb anything down. Smart it up.

I'm looking to you as the Leading Light of Blogosphere Philosophizing Realm.

Great work, you wonderful entity you!

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