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May 04, 2005



"I consider myself a "tool-agnostic" strategic resource. Hey, everyone's got their niche." -- That's a neat trick: presenting "market overview and tool-independent strategic counsel" as a niche position, while, in fact, it's the only viable long-term strategy a consultant can have... so you don't look so dangerous? ;-)

Discovered your blog through Johnnie, interesting stuff! :-)

steven streight vaspers the grate

Leopold the Told proclaims:

"Content and interactivity. That's all the blog consultation you need Mr/Ms Client. Have a nice day...and an effective blog that establishes a candid, valuable, intimate conversation with a target audience, er, social transformation insertion sector."

See Blog Core Values blog for more.

Bruce DeBoer

Tool-agnostic, I like that. I agree that if there is a tool in the company name you should know what to expect. The problem is that in the age of specialization, generalists are looked at with skepticism.

As always I guess we have to follow the money.

Isn't one of the biggest reasons why companies hire outside marketing firms to create a tool-diverse campaign that will be effective across appropriate channels? Is this era comming to an end? Are companies going to be required to pull media strategy in house?

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