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May 27, 2005


meg hager

New web site from last comment

Meg Hager

I didn't know that comment would make the google search of my name!! How amazing. So let me introduce myself. I'm an artist from Eugene, OR, and I make designs, and I like to put them on every conceivable item a human could use!!
My site is new, I'm just listing products now, and I haven't even got to my designs yet, as you can see with the two empty pages there. To list the 500 items I have took about 10,000 mouse clicks. That is amazing too.
But after such a while of getting this all together its quite wonderful to see my name on google. Thanks for letting me crash your blog, may I come back with something useful to add soon!! With luv for the internet, from Meg.

Meg Hager

I'm not a liar I just sell craft items. come buy some

Juliet Austin

Right on, Seth!

I wish more business people (especially well known ones) would put these kind of political views out there. When people are hurt, we all hurt--and, sooner or later, this is bad for business...

steven streight vaspers the grate

Sure Mark, you sound like a drug dealer now: just try it, you'll like it. Don't knock politics until you try it. Come on try it, everybody else is.

"great lineup that really cares": obviously a newbie to the political process. Very funny and tragic at the same time.

Yeah, perverts. Perverting truth to appease special interest groups.


Wow, what a great example. Yet another politician who lacks the ability to comprehend something without being offended. Ant then ends with an admission that is really is, well.... just a game.

Precious blogging moments.

Mark LaRusso

Wow; ALL politicians are liars, perverts or worse? Geez, what will I ever tell my wife and daughter? It's easy to sit on the side lines and pass judgement Stevey boy. For all of the honest, hard working, sincere, community minded, public servents, stick to what you know best (what is that again?). Until you have an original thought of your own, stop passing judgement on something you obviously know nothing about. Or, you could always do what I did....get in the game.

steven streight vaspers the grate

Seth is correct.

All politicians are liars, many are perverts, and worse.

Most religious leaders are liars and hypocrites.

Most novels are trashy or boring.

Most sitcoms are stupid.

Most music is imitative.

Most CEOs are arrogant.

Most bloggers are opinionated.

Most blog readers are shy lurkers who don't post comments.


I love Seth's books, but he'd be smarter by not making political commentary.

Mark LaRusso

I am a newly elected council member in Melbourne, FL. We have challenges on a Federal Level, however, I and my other council members are working very hard to practice smart growth policies within our city, provide the best city services and reach out to those who have felt alone over the past years. I won't say that there are no liars in local government, but I will say that the City of Melbourne has a great lineup of elected offcials that really care about the city and the citizens.


Great series, Jennifer.

And welcome back from vacation. ;-)

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