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September 24, 2005


Olivier Blanchard

We're asking the CEOs to hand over the keys to the castle to... the masses.

Okay... we aren't, but that's how they perceive the notion of "design by customer": A complete abdication of their power and control over companies that they have spent years and sometimes decades building into successful firms.

No matter how great it sounds, it's a hard sell for someone who doesn't yet have the savvy to understand WOMM's many subtleties. It's going to take time.


great post and thanks for the link to's another thing that blogging has rekindled within people - pen pals. that is what blogging really has rekindled the art of writing to a pen pal. except now, it's on a huge global scale.

i honestly think blogging has compressed the globe and connected people in more meaningful ways than anything previously. my personal sphere of people has grown more in the past year and I am a light blogger at best. anyone that blogs often has likely increased their spere by a hundredfold.

i think we are well on our way to a different marketplace and the business entities that embrace the difference will be the most successful.

Scott Miller

Two huge problems:

o Voice mail -- I hate the thought of calling companies now, because VM almost always creates a nerve-grating experience.

o And when you do talk to people, you're talking to powerless, lower paid workers who cannot right a wrong, and just follow unbending policies.

Companies make so many promises when you buy their product, but when you try to cash in on a promise you're forced to jump through so many hoops it's often not worth the hassle.

Robert  Paterson

Hi Jennifer and welcome back

I wonder if the 'sphere is the "New World" of our time. A "place" where those of us who need to find our humanity again go.

I wonder if corporate life has eroded real relationships? We take back home a utlitarian view of who we are and who oyhers are - and so our partners and family can become Objects. Time and a schedule become essential and so we stick to the "point" and miss the subtext. We focus on task before relationship.

I wonder what business would be like if it was besed on a more human construct? With a few friends and a few clients we are getting there.

Best wishes to you

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