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September 04, 2005



It is quite surprising to read that the Red Cross had actually turned away the good offer of bags of clothing and personal items. I thought it makes more common sense for bags of clothing and personal items than money?


Jenni - everything you see is an illusion.



Which rich country are you talking about - US ? Please check this out


Ton Zijlstra

Hi Jennifer,

meanwhile, yesterday the US government has asked UN Secr. General Kofi Annan for assistance in the aftermath of Katrina.

The reluctance to accept international as well as internal (loads of stories of FEMA and others turning offers down) help by authorities seems to me to stem from a desire to maintain sole control where it has been utterly lost. Any order in such a situation is wholly arbitrary at first, so every attempt at it welcome, whatever the source, but apparantly that is lost on a number of key people.

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