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September 04, 2005


Katherine Stone

Love the photo!!!

Johnnie Moore

WAy to go. I especially like the decision to wander from the branding brief and put more of yourself in.

Will enjoy the results, on whatever timetable they appear!

David St Lawrence

Congratulations on your reinvention. It should make your blog even more interesting reading.

The picture is delightful. May your life run more in acord with your new image.

Blog on...

Kathy Sierra

Yay! This is inspirational, Jennifer. (The picture is awesome, too -- it makes me cheerful just looking at your big fun smile.)

Good luck with your new (and continuous) adventures. I, too, am honored to be on your list.

It'll be a big treat when your posts show up in my feed, especially now -- knowing that it's because you *wanted* to write something, not because you were keeping your quota.

Evan Erwin

Rock on, I'll be reading when you get writing :)


Every blog is a reflection of the blogger. What you write and how you write it are just mirroing who you are. Making you blog more personal and bringing out who you are is a great idea. Just makes you more comfortable in...blogging. And as they say...just blog and they will come.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi Jennifer,
Honored to hear I was of help. Anyone that knows you will know that while the blog may be re-invented -- it actually reflects the whole Jennifer I know and love. Welcome back!!

Tom Asacker

I've missed you.

The Zero Boss

Congrats for finding your footing again - and for having the courage to evolve.

I also had a blog meltdown recently, and have been reinventing my blog personality since my return. Although I also abandoned the blogroll (, I decided to make things just a bit more "pro".

It's hard to change a blog when you feel that so many people are reading it, and have become used to such-and-such from you. I know I've worried about making changes before, fearing I would wake up and find I was no longer the belle of the ball in my little corner of the 'sphere. But, hey - people change. And blogs need to change with them. In my case, I made some life changes and took on responsibility for a blog on the Weblogs, Inc. network; both events necessitated changes in the content and structure of my primary blog.


Glad to hear you're back and reinventing yourself. I've been through a few blog reinventions myself in the past three years and sometimes its just the simple changes that make all the difference. Looking forward to seeing what emerges from this for you.

Big Picture Guy

In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tze wrote, “To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.”

The first step was, in fact, to step back. to take the time to discover your inner self, to understand what belongs and what does not.

For what it is worth, your posts have always demonstrated both wisdom and passion; both can only come from caring. That part of you should never be lost.

I suspect that, having returned to the beginning, you will see things afresh and begin to enjoy them anew. Your journey will be complete.

See you then.


Wow, Jen. Way to go!

Ah, I remember way back when... to-ing and fro-ing on the viability of $80k VWs, branding versus becoming, and the always earth-shattering: "What's a conversation, really?"

With all that's come to pass, everywhere, since then, it only more certainly comes down to challenging ourselves and leading by example. The rest is turbocharged entropy, yeah?

I'm honored to be on your list. Journey on!

Peter Caputa


Blogging is a journey. Not a positioning statement. So, I look forward to watching you evolve and grow with it.

Rock on, Jennifer!

PS. Loving the photo. My single male friends would like to see more :)

Troy Worman

I did the "brand you, brand myself" tag. Don't wait for permission to succeed! Good luck.

Brian Massey

Your post is inspiring. I have come to believe that transparency is a measure of authenticity, it's the opening of the flower. I'll watch with interest as your flower opens and hope you'll share with us the hard spots... of which there may be many.


I like to laugh and have fun! And if we're not having fun in our business, we should all take our marbles and go home.

I think that says it all. And you have a wonderful smile. Bravo!

Yvonne DiVita

Welcome back. You have the right approach. Would that we could all be so honest.

Steve Sherlock

Jennifer, I endorse your choices. I have found that blogging is difficult, at least for those like myself that have a normal 40-60 hour work week. I try not to be envious of those who seemingly can blog full time.

Was it Dr. Seuss that said: "Those that care don't matter, and those that matter don't care." ?

I think we will all like the "new" you more than the "old" you!

Chris Bailey

Fantastic! Jennifer, do it all for yourself. Those who dig you and what you are all about will be here. When we let go of the 'shoulds' behind blogging, there is so much richness to be found in our spaces.

Looking forward to being with you on your renewed journey.

Be well.

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