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September 07, 2005



Your post reminds me of Victor Pelevin's famous quote on the Zen way of watching TV:
First, you watch TV with sound off.
Then, you watch TV with sound on but picture off.
But masters of Zen watch TV with both picture and sound off.

Bryan Ong

Yes, support you absolutely. As marketers, we should look to the outside and contribute to the good cause whenever possible. It is really a shame to just focus on marketing and not spare a thought for those in needs. This is why I and many others online marketers have donated their advertising space to help out the Katrina victims. Perhaps you should do the same as well?

steven streight aka vaspers the grate

Glad to see you posting again. It's nice that you left the blog for a while, whether depressed or just breaking an obsession, for some this is not possible, some are hooked, lined, and sinkered, inescapable destiny: blog embedded.

Tom Asacker

Perfect. Many quote Socrates: "The unexamined life is not worth living." Few realize the importance of the flip side: "The unlived life is not worth examining." Keep living AND examining Jennifer. We've got your back.

jennifer rice

jbr, I've always been changing, my journey's been long and there's no end in sight! If I'm not changing & evolving & learning on a regular basis, I might as well lay down and die... and I always appreciate others who spark new ways of looking at life.


i do believe you are changing. reading evelyn and hugh will do that to you.

be sure to read the rules of the red rubber ball by kevin carroll. it will assist you on your journey.

also, don't turn your back on the blogosphere. it really is the most amazing place to learn some many things. i feel sorry for people that don't take the time to experience it. write when you feel like writing, but never stop reading and listening to the amazing amount of voices out there.

funny, i remember an earlier post of your's talking about a boat. may the wind be at your back and the sun in your face...

Steve Sherlock

Jennifer, yes, yes, and yes... nothing ventured, nothing gained! write on!

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