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December 05, 2005


Chad Bookidis

I know I'm late to the post here, but isn't a company's brand their credibility and reputation? You can use a lot of "feel good" words to describe what it is, but it boils down to that. You write about impacting a company's core business which is right on the money. I'm an art director who's worked for agencies large and small where planning worked and didn't. It ALWAYS boils down to a client's willingness to improve credibility and reputation by making it relevant to the consumer.

Tim Lapetino

Thanks for the great feedback, Jennifer!

So, what kind of "talkers" would be crucial to add to a team of great designers and copywriters? What kinds of titles and training should I be looking for?

Keep posting--I love reading your thoughts--yours is one of my favorite blogs. :)

jennifer rice

Absolutely. I either outsource freelance art directors & copywriters to show the visual side of the brand, or I'll work with clients' existing creative vendors.

Agencies and design firms have always positioned themselves as branding experts. The problem is that their influence is limited to the marketing department.

If you really want to be taken seriously by the senior team, you can't position your company as a design firm that also does branding; you have to position yourself as a branding firm that happens to also do design. That means you must employ very analytical, data-driven people who can 'talk the talk.'

Tim Lapetino

Amen! Amen! Amen! I completely agree, Jennifer. But it seems like brand consultants need to cultivate trusted partnerships with ad agencies and design firms, to make sure that the changes--visual/organizational/experiential--all get implemented in the proper ways.

My questions: Who is doing this kind of partnership right now? Or are design firms and ad agencies trying to bring this kind of strategic service into their own houses? Any thoughts on this?

I ask, because I'm part of a growing design firm, and we love to do the kind of strategic work you're talking about. (We've done it on a small scale, with young/small businesses thus far.) Do you think it's necessary to brand your firm as "brand consultancy" in order to do this kind of work? Or are there amalgam firms out there?

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