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January 16, 2006


Mark True

What about the company that's being talked about in a negative manner, such as Kryptonite after its bicycle lock was found able to be opened with a Bic pen?

Mike Wagner at uses the Kryptonite lock fiasco as an example of companies that don't take ownership of their brand. So I wonder if Kryptonite could have reacted with a coordinated word of mouth campaign to reverse the negative conversation that had grown out of that issue. Could Wal-mart, for example, generate enough positive word of mouth to overcome its issues? Or any number of other companies who've not yet paid attention to their brand circling the drain.

I realize there's probably a time component to consider, but I'm thinking that word of mouth might have enough credibility that it should be considered over a lot of other methods an organization might choose, even after the horse is out of the barn.

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