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March 08, 2006


Nik Cubrilovic

I know the guys from Royal - they don't do any mainstream marketing at all (well at least didn't) they were made famous when Madonna was spotted wearing a pair. Great strategy - worked well for them


I got pitched too. I turned them down. Don't they know I only like high heel stilettos? My SVPs Lynn and Melissa keep telling me I'm like William Shatner on Boston Legal - too quirky to be let out of the office storeroom -- but I can't help it!


Dan Tudor

There were several references to ignoring mail that you get regarding potential products to blog about.

In my view, that's not smart. First of all, we bloggers don't have the market share to simply push away potential interest from our respective markets. Secondly, you may be pushing away the next iPod, Segway, or (insert-your-favorite-cool-new-product here).

My advice, as a writer at Always be willing to listen to a pitch, and then write about it honestly. That's fair, and its great reading.

Mark True

I think the concept of connecting with bloggers is perfectly acceptable WHEN there is full disclosure, as Jennifer has exhibited. Tell the audience the situation and then let us know what you think.

If you're writing about brand, I'd like to know a little more about the experience, though. Did it make you want to learn more? What did you learn? Can you link us to other opinions about the product or similar products? Can you link us to their website? If the product is not impressive, let us know about alternatives.

The great thing about blogs is that they are conversations, just like conversations we have at the watercooler or at lunch or at the store or any of 100 other locations. If someone we trust has an opinion, I'm going to listen. And if I know someone who has a lot of listners, I'll be telling them about my product, one way or the other.

As long as the organization giving the product knows that anything goes - that takes marketing stones, IMHO - and the blogger is above board, no promblem!

Yvonne DiVita

This is, indeed, a rising 'problem'... those of us who've managed to get recognized in our niche, are being approached on a regular basis - to write about products or movies or whathaveyou. I find it interesting... and time consuming. Much of what gets pitched is actually appropriate for my audience, but -- and this is a big but -- if it wasn't content I had planned to write, then it takes me away from what I already had scheduled to write -- so it needs to be perfect!

I ignore most of the news I'm pitched. I would consider accepting products - as long as the company understood (as you say, Jennifer) that I will post an honest opinion. And, I can be approached to blog for money, again - with full disclosure and no editorial control.

Consequently, I think I need an explanation of 'how-to' pitch me on the blog, complete with what will happen if I accept. That way, everyone is informed, and the readers win - because I only get pitched quality ideas (or products) of interest to them, and the PR firm understands that honesty is the ONLY policy - and, of course, I get to give my opinion.

Account Deleted

Those sneakers are sweet! How'd you get that deal - pick out a pair online, no questions asked? Awesome. Umm, hello, Royal Elastics? I wear lace-less Sketchers now, but could be convinced to wear RE's with the right amount of "incentive" and I'd even blog about it!

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