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March 20, 2006



Welcome to the City!

jennifer rice

I love this town. Major adjustments include weather and sticker shock... other than that, it's a terrific city. The people are amazingly friendly and I've gotten plugged in quite quickly. A lot more business opportunity here, especially if you're in technology. And it's quite a healthy, outdoorsy city... everyone walks, most people are fit, there are parks everywhere, and of course there's Marin and other places I haven't explored yet. IMO, it's the best of all worlds. Just wish it were warmer. And cheaper. And not situated on major fault zones. :-) But hey, you can't have everything.

Matt J

Hey Jennifer,

I am being relocated to San Fran from FL in about a month. I was wondering what your take on the city has been so far? How has the transition been? What do you think of the people compared to Austin? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Evelyn Rodriguez

Welcome! It'll be great having you here. Have a safe and pleasant drive out.

Jeremiah Owyang

Welcome to the bay area!

hugh macleod

Very Cool... it doesn't surprise me to hear you're heading West...

Dmitry Linkov

New design is great! Good Luck!

Christopher Carfi

excellent. our bay area world domination strategy is proceeeding according to plan.


Account Deleted



All the best with the new surroundings, I'm sure you'll fit right in with the culture - San Fran probably has the highest concentration of cool, web-savvy people on the planet :-)

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