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March 13, 2006


Dr. Mohamed Taher

Thanks for the mantra on how not to Blog (in Link policy and building traffic). You are now cited and quoted.
By the way, I reached your blog via the Isolatr link.
Best wishes.

Tate Linden

Is it possible to want to be in Isolatr and Linked-In at the same time? I want the best of both worlds. Give me access to people wanting to help or learn without being bombarded by people demanding to sell or preach.

Michael Wagner

Cocooning vs. conversing - we are people of extremes!

Francisco Fernández


I called to the ASN conference and they told me that the Read-A-Good-Book Late Night Pajama Party is fully booked and cancel: too many people want to attend. ;-)


Can you imagine it? The first Anti-Social Networking conference. Select highlights from the conference schedule:

- Sit at Home Alone and Watch Soap Operas (Day 1)
- Stare At The Ceiling Hour (Day 1)
- Bubble Bath and Bon-Bon Basics (Day 1)
- Pig Out on Chinese Food #5, #7, and #24 Menu Items Dinner (Evening 1)
- Read-A-Good-Book Late Night Pajama Party (Evening 1)
- Sleep-in-late Saturday (Day 2)
- Sounds of Silence (Day 2)
- Write Hate Letters to Enemies and Exes (Day 2)


Piers Fawkes

It's started? We thought it started 2 years ago with LinkedIn spam....

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