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April 17, 2006



Its a dangerous trend in recession to frsutate your loyal customers for getting newer pastures.
Today is the world of Customer Advocacy where you are dependent on the Loyal and higher end customers
to advocate your product to their friends /collegues .

Robert Bruce


They are probably very trustworthy.

They simply are not empowered by management with a DOA to allow them to make a call on $2.00

Management are to blame.


There's irony in David's experience at Lowe's. Why are the least 'trustworthy' people in a business usually the ones that deal the most with customers?

David Foster

One of the ways companies sabotage their customer relationships is by adopting internal procedures which aim at an unrealistically-rigid degree of control. For exampe, I was in a Loew's to buy a plumbing part, value about $2.00. When scanned at the register, it evidently wasn't in the guess would be that it wasn't entered properly during the receiving process. It took **at least 15 minutes** for the clerk to get approval for a price: she talked to something like 5 different people before she finally found someone who had authority and access to override the system and put the price in manually. This was around 10:30 in the morning, and the people in line behind me (who mostly appeared to be professional contractors) were clearly getting more and more pissed.

Systems and procedures should recognize that data will sometimes be imperfect, and should provide for human overrides accordingly.

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