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May 05, 2007



o‰ï‚¢ˆ¤’mo‰ï‚¢H“co‰ï‚¢ÂXo‰ï‚¢ç—to‰ï‚¢ˆ¤•Qo‰ï‚¢•Ÿˆäo‰ï‚¢•Ÿ‰ªo‰ï‚¢•Ÿ“‡o‰ï‚¢Šò•Œo‰ï‚¢ŒQ”no‰ï‚¢L“‡o‰ï‚¢–kŠC“¹o‰ï‚¢•ºŒÉo‰ï‚¢ˆïéo‰ï‚¢Îìo‰ï‚¢ŠâŽèo‰ï‚¢ìo‰ï‚¢Ž­Ž™“‡o‰ï‚¢_“ސìo‰ï‚¢‚’mo‰ï‚¢ŒF–{o‰ï‚¢‹ž“so‰ï‚¢ŽOdo‰ï‚¢‹{éo‰ï‚¢‹{èo‰ï‚¢’·–ìo‰ï‚¢’·èo‰ï‚¢“ޗǏo‰ï‚¢VŠƒo‰ï‚¢‘啪o‰ï‚¢‰ªŽRo‰ï‚¢‰«“êo‰ï‚¢‘åão‰ï‚¢²‰êo‰ï‚¢é‹Êo‰ï‚¢Ž ‰êo‰ï‚¢“‡ªo‰ï‚¢Ã‰ªo‰ï‚¢“Ȗ؏o‰ï‚¢“¿“‡o‰ï‚¢“Œ‹žo‰ï‚¢’¹Žæo‰ï‚¢•xŽRo‰ï‚¢˜a‰ÌŽRo‰ï‚¢ŽRŒ`o‰ï‚¢ŽRŒûo‰ï‚¢ŽR—œo‰ï‚¢–k‹ãBo‰ï‚¢‰ºŠÖƒAƒNƒZƒXƒJƒEƒ“ƒ^[

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Jonathan Marks

wow - congratulations. Hope that corporate life means you won't stop blogging - even if it not quite as frequently as before. They have been great postings here over the last 4 years. Jonathan in Amsterdam


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Wow, are there any positions available for a young British marketing guy at your company. It sounds a fantastic place to work and I could imagine one never tires of the Mexican climate. Plus you get to work with Aaker.

Could it get any better


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Armand Rousso

I have been following you a bit and I have to say ! congrats and stay in the business otherwhise you will get bored.
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Congratulations for the blog!

Matthew Healey

Good for you. I hope you keep blogging! And I hope you write a book of your own. You certainly have it in you.

Michel Kattan

Wonderful insights on your blog. Congratulations on your success.



Running your own business is great. Working with Aaker is even greater. Congrats and enjoy!

Jim Antonopoulos

Congratulations Jennifer - have enjoyed seeing the evolution of your blog and am happy for you in landing the new role!

Mack Collier

Congrats Jennifer!

Steve Portigal

Wow! Congrats! You sound so enthusiastic, which is wonderful.

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