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January 02, 2009


peter spear


really like the fruitful name for this blog. well done.

and thanks for this great post. the notion of social capital is a powerful one, and one that calls for, what i'll call, inspiring brand behavior.

Sandesh Bhat

Great Post


David St Lawrence

Jennifer, welcome back!

I'm so glad to see that you are writing here again and are exploring the philosophical aspects of branding.

Your approach to branding has always seemed to deal with what I consider important: less about increasing unit sales and more about the relationships between branding and quality of life.

Your thoughts on branding apply equally well to high energy business
ecosystem and to life in a remote mountain community of independent artists and crafters.

Please continue your sharing your ideas.


I think the topic of social capital has been extremely undervalued by brands. It articulates a core element of the human experience - that has largely been ignored by marketers. I believe brands need to find new ways of creating social captital, among thier consumer base, in ways that create financial capital. This could not only fuel great economic growth - but also drive significant investment into creating new social capital in our society. Networking tools on the internet feel the start of this new movement - but are very crude in how they generate social capital. As a marketing community I believe we need to learn more about this dynamic and experiment with ways of capturing & creating value from powerfull element of the human experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Love it! You rock Girl!

Graham Hill

Hi Jennifer

Good to see you back and working for branding outfit Prophet.

The trouble with all those unbridled connections is the exponential noise generated by all the connections talking to each other. This produces noise that often masks the more important signals.

The key is understanding which signals are important and need to be acted upon and which are noise and can be safely ignored.

In support of your science education, I suggest you look at work on complex adaptive systems and biological fitness landscapes. It will help you thnk through a manageable strategy to introduce enough connections to spark creativity within the extended organisation, without getting swamped in chaotic noise.

Happy reading, Graham

Edward Traversa

If you’re interested in connection from a quantum perspective then quantum entanglement is a useful field to get into. But you probably know that already, if your reading into that field :-)

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