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February 02, 2009


Simon Cerezo

Hi Jennifer,

Congratulations on the new business. I wish you the best, i also hope this crazy economy turns around for us all.

Antonio Gould

Good luck! It's an important field and one which is growing both on the environmental and ethical sides of things.

I did some work last year with an interesting ethical trade consultancy called Impactt - you may be interested in checking out their blog and hooking up with them in some way.

Good luck with it all, I'm signed up to the blog so look forward to seeing how it goes.


Rob Paterson

Jennifer - how nice to see you back as your own boss. Johnnie Moore gave me a shout that you had done this
Yours Rob

Tea Silvestre

Hi There! Glad to see there are more of us out there. Congratulations on your new beginning and please feel free to contact me to discuss how our two Social Good endeavors might collaborate.

Alain Thys

Hi Jennifer,

Congratulations. You might want to hook up with Stefaan Vandist at Trinity, who's on a similar track.


Hope all is well

Alain Thys

Patrick Carmody

Have we made any progress by allowing brands into a space previously filled with human contact and community?

Production and consumption used to happen intimately. Almost all groceries and durable goods were made within a 100 mile radius of your domicile by people who you generally knew socially. This means that commerce and community were very closely linked, providing a human and visceral sense of value with each transaction. A personal relationship between producer and consumer was the basis for trust. How many ‘lifestyle brands’ existed when you dealt directly with the producer?

More than ever there is a huge geographical gap between consumption and production. Put simply – hard stuff is made in the east and emotion is made in the west. So more than ever brands are filling the emotional gulf that we feel when production is far removed from consumption. How have they filled the gap? Brands have wired most of our consumption experiences to social acceptance, piggybacking on the new master narrative of 'buy me and you will be _______ (beautiful/popular/happy/saved).

An interesting way out could be to replace consumption experiences with production at an individual level...veggie gardens r us?

Chris Wilson

Congratulations! Looking forward to more details.

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