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Michelle Simmons

Well said. I remember feeling this way- sort of- when I first started out. But see, I was dating a guy who was a pro and for him to go run 10 miles was absolutely nothing... so I just did that too. Normal, right? Sure, until I got injured over and over again. (Why didn't he warn me? He wasn't that smart. That's why we are not together now! Ha! :) I think I spent much of the first 2 years I did triathlons sitting on the sidelines injured b/c I "hung out at the grown ups table". Very frustrating! I hear what you are saying though. Too bad there aren't really any shortcuts. Luckily though, there are lots of people out there who likely feel the same way you do. You just have to find them in SFO! ;)


Oh yes, I know exactly what you are talking about. It's not like that anymore for me, but it was for the first couple years. The training, the workload, the slow progress is all part of the process. Hang in there! You will find your niche :) PROMISE!


I sooooo know what you are talking about. I'm still not quite at the grownups table speedwise, compared to so many of my fast friends, but I'm more confident in my strengths. (This was my story of how I got started - http://muppetdogs.blogspot.com/2008/09/how-i-got-here-part-2.html) It does take finding those friends and training partners who don't mind talking tri all the time! I know I can talk about it a LOT, which means sometimes I see it start going in one ear and out the other on my husband :-) You're on the road forward, it's only upward and faster from here!


Great post, reminds me of another post I wrote a long time ago (http://tridiesel.blogspot.com/2010/08/you-might-surprise-yourself.html)

we are a special breed, the main reason I think we blog, is because we follow and are followed by fellow endurance athletes, we get and understand each other

I am having a hard time adding your blog to my google reader


Hang in there! You will find your community. When you're new to it, going out for group rides or runs can be really depressing. It seems like everyone else is faster than you. After a while you'll start to get to know people. You'll start to go faster and build your confidence about group activities, which helps you find more buddies. The process starts once you're seen as a regular somewhere, the pool, spin class, gym, or the local run circuit.


I have been involved in triathlon since 1982 and have raced over 100 tris (I don't count any other events like cycling or swimming altho we ARE keeping track of our Alcatraz crossings!)
I don't know how long you have been in the sport, but I hope you keep your enthusiasm for a long time. Just a hint tho: talk triathlon to those who do it and find something else to discuss to those who don't. You will find plenty who want to talk tri-they are out there and here. And be patient. You want to do this a long time from now, right? Happy training!


I thought I posted this earlier but maybe not. Agreed on the calendar photos.

Also I made your blog "Blog Of The Day" on enduranceathleteproject.com 's Facebook page



The people in the shallow end of tri have their priorities straight and the deep enders-well they really have nothing else going on in their lives except training and racing.
The question is...where do you want to end up?

Just putting it out there.


I just found you. I am very impressed. I am preparing for a very difficult professional license examination, and started to use the same techniques you are using for your triathlon. It is like you said "my personal guilty secret", I am beginning to love the material and topics I will be tested on. In addition, it is a lonely ride, no social life until the exam date Keep on blogging please, it is INSPIRING.

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